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In my opinion, Tuesday is the best day of the week! Strange huh? Most folk's favorite day of the week is someday during the weekend. Sleep in, absence of school, probably don't have to go to work, parties, movies and whatnot. But alas my friends, I do not share the same feelings. Know why??? Probably not, why would I be writing a blog if the whole world knew the inner workings of my soul? That would be a little redundant.

I have two words for you...Taco Tuesday. THIS is why I love Tuesdays so much! You see, back in the days (freshman year of college), Taco Bell suddenly became a short walking distance from my dorm. The close proximity was a bad choice on my part, I love Taco Bell. I have very little willpower. Luckily my waistline didn't suffer too much (due to only ordering a single item off the menu per visit), but my wallet sure did! And, lets face it. Eating that much Taco Bell is simply revolting.

At the beginning of last year, I met this super cute boy (who will be my husband in a month :D) and he and I came up with the most brilliant plan...Taco Tuesdays. I'm not sure when exactly it started, all I know is that it has evolved into the greatest day of the entire week. I'm able to get my Taco Bell fix (and have a mentor to keep me in check) and he and I sit in Taco Bell for hours (literally...sometimes up to six hours) discussion and describing the deepest corners of our souls. Maybe that's an exaggeration...but I think you get the picture. We make sure that all our homework is done for the day so we can devote as much time as possible to our bonding experience within the walls of this glorified fast food restaurant. It's so good to know that I have that time to spend with him every week, no matter what. Even if its only for the 15 minutes to scarf down the cheesy, Americanized, Mexican goodness. Some of my fondest memories from our courting take place there. :)'s not the Taco Bell that makes Taco Tuesdays so wonderful, it's that time with him. The tacos are just an added bonus. :D Whoda thunk that my motives would flip flop? What a funny world we live in. :)


Time's starting to speed up!!

We're in the 30's now. :D 39 more days!! Oooh wow, I'm excited. I'm so glad half this stuff is over, we've got flowers done, invitations are out, bridesmaid dresses are ordered, reception and open house mostly planned...hmmm. It seems like we've gotten much more done that that! I didn't realize that planning a wedding was soooo time consuming. And stressful. I wonder if getting married sooner would have been less stressful or more stressful? Either way, I'm glad it's almost over. This semester is FINALLY starting to speed up!

What has happened since then?? Our current issue were facing is housing, we STILL don't have a place to live! It's so hard to find somehwere that has everything we want at a good price, I didn't know house hunting would be this hard either! Apparently being engaged is a real eye-opener to life! And I'm not even married yet.

Hm, this entry wasn't meant to sound like I was complaining. I'm actually rather pleased with life at the moment. :) David, my little brother Jordan, and I won second place in the Halloween costume contest! That was amazing, made me feel like all my hard work finding everything for our costumes was worth it. :)

You like? We were Mario, Princess Peach, and Yoshi from Mario Kart. Ohhh I love Halloween.