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Halloween is undoubtedly my most favorite holiday. It's pretty much perfect in my eyes. Why? Here, let me show you!



2. Playing dress up! (and making the costumes)

3. Being scared and scaring people

4. Tons of parties/carnivals/other ways to celebrate

5. Cooking food to look like scary things

6. Doesn't really have significant religious ties so everyone can celebrate it

7. Haunted houses

8. Carving pumpkins

9. Fun with makeup

10. Scary movies

11. Fun decorations

12. Ghost stories


1. Don't get school off


Hmmm, yes I do believe I've made my point. :D I'm going to be Princess Peach this year! David will be my Mario, and my little brother, Jordan, is going to be Yoshi. A pretty good team, I would say. We're going to try to make "cars" for us so we can me in Mario Kart, but either way, they will be awesome costumes. Pictures to come! Once I finish it...good thing I'm done with classes before 9 tomorrow. :D Then I have all day to get ready! Ooooo I love Halloween. :D

P.S. 50 more days. :D :D :D



I got David's wedding ring today. :D He doesn't know what it looks like, I figured since he can keep basically the entire honeymoon a surprise for me, I can keep his ring and my dress a surprise for him. I got really lucky, the ring went for over $600 and I got it for $170 because of David's employee discount at the jewlery store. :D Now, what to do with the money saved is another story! Oh the possibilities. I wanted to see how it looked on his finger, so I had him turn around and I slipped it on. Let me tell you, I know it's a guys ring but dang it looked beautiful on his finger. It was nice in the picture, even better in real life, but perfect on his finger! Glad the three months of digging for it was worth it. :)



Being engaged SUCKS. Just thought I'd put that out there. I totally understand now why they say to have a long courtship and short engagement. Lets see, we had about a 7 month courtship and 5 month engagement. Yeah, thats way too long (at least in Mormon standards!). We've been engaged exactly 3 months today and to think I still have 2 months left is just a nightmare. If I would have followed typical Mormon standards, we should have been married between December and March, not 2 months from now. Boo.

I don't like saying goodbye to him at night, I can't wait till we can say goodnight and stay together, and come home and see him there and cook for him and just be all cutesy newly weds. :) I just want to be his wife already. I can't believe I almost considered APRIL for our wedding. Holy cow, that wouldn't have been good. I should have gone with my original plan, which was to get October 18 (oh, wait, thats today). Sure I would have had to sell my contract and buy a new place and we would have had like a 2 day honeymoon and missed school and falling behind...but right now it seems worth it. But, I know I'll much prefere a 2 week long honeymoon than a 2 day one!!! I know it'll be so much less hectic to get married in December than in the middle of the semester, but 62 days just seems so far away...


I don't know why I did it

I got a blog. Why? I'm not sure seems to be the trend of recently married couples. And since I am avoiding math homework like the plauge, why not get started on it early? This would be my second blog, but I figure the blog I started when I was 16 might be just a liiiiiitle bit outdated. That may as well be lifetime ago, I don't even know the person I was then. I'm soon to be embarking on a new life, may as well start a new blog. :)

66 days till I get a husband :D