Don't forget...

If you haven't already, don't forget to check out my new craft blog!


You know what I love?

Giveaways. Some companies (or seriously generous people!) give away some of the coolest things in the name of advertising (or really, they are just generous and a much better person than I am!) I found this site a few weeks ago, and the entire site is dedicated to giveaways!! How amazing is that? They have several new things every day, and they just give them away! I won't lie, I'm on it pretty much every day submitting all my qualifying entries. :) I mean, who wouldn't love the opportunity to win free stuff?

Wow, now I sound like an advertiser. I promise I'm not, I just want to share so other people can have a chance to win things! (Oh...yeah. The button is in my sidebar. Click it and it will take you to the site.)

More things I love:
Ward BBQs and awesome Easter packages from home. :)


Major Frustrations

I HATE not having a camera. HATE it. Especially with this crafting/sewing obsession. I really want to post pictures of all of my stuff (mostly to motivate me to do more. If I "have to" post about it, I'll come up with (or find) more things. And, with the helpful critiquing of fellow bloggers, I will be more motivated to make better and cooler things!). And I can't do any of that without a camera! Describing something just doesn't cut it, most people are visual, they need to SEE something! (I am one of those people). I thought maybe if I use a tutorial from another blog or website I could post one of their pictures of the final product on my blog, but most of them don't want that, and email all these people about using one of their pictures is just too much work. It would be much easier to have a camera. But I don't! Such bad timing to lose one. Grrrrrr.

Ok, rant over. Hopefully after my birthday in a few weeks I'll have enough money to buy a new one and life will be wonderful. :)

This is the project I finished today. I LOVE it. I think it's so scary, it's cute! I didn't see any disclaimers on her site, so hopefully I'm good with this one.
Mine is a green print with a brown underbelly. I love it. Tutorial here.

Update: I'm so happy there are great crafters out there that are willing to share their ideas and tutorials (and pictures!). :) I got this one off of Fireflies and Jellybeans (that links up to the tutorial). Mine is made with a fat quarter with cherries on it, I think it turned out really cute!



For some reason I've wanted to make over everything lately. My living room, my kitchen, my wardrobe, my hair, my face...pretty much anything that can be changed I want to change it. But since most of those will be a significant investment, I settled for a new background on my blog. :)


Things I have made so far

I am loving my new sewing machine!!! Here are some things that I have made so far:

A purse out of a placemat (it's really cool, I even got a compliment on it!)
A pencil case
Two burp clothes (don't get any ideas, it's just a really easy way to practice)
A few bibs (again, they're very easy and I need practice)

Hm....that doesn't seem like that much and I feel like all I've been doing is sewing! I guess I have worked a few times the past week and I've socializied more than I usually do. But either way, I'm loving it. I bought some more fabric this weekend so I can try my hand and making clothes! I wish I had my stupid was lost in Disneyland so I don't have any pictures of my creations. Dag.

Update: I just finished "Pointy Kitty." My hardest project yet, which shows how beginner I am. Here's the link if you want the pattern, I had a lot of fun with it!! Mine is black with white stripes and green eyes.

Update 2: I found this really great FREE ebook online called "Crab Bags and Other Bean Beings." It has six seriously adorable bean bag animals and my new task is to make all six. So far I've made the crab (blue, of course :D) and the frog (red, for a poison tree frog.) Aren't they CUUUUTE!?!??!



I got a sewing machine! A real, brand new one!!! A Singer!!! Yaiiiii!!!!! I've been wanting one so badly, my tiny one just wasn't cutting it at all, and David did the math and with all my "extra" working we figured we had a little extra money to spend, and the sweetest husband ever decided to let me spend it on a sewing machine!!! :D I'm so excited! I can now do so many projects that I've been wanting to do. I'm so excited! I have to go now, I have a lot of playing around to do with my new sewing machine! :D :D :D :D