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4.27.2010 I've been keeping things from you.

There was no new LOST tonight. This deeply saddens me. My whole week is messed up! I have nothing to contemplate, nothing to talk about....I'm so LOST. (Haha! :D) Hopefully I can make it until next will prepare me for when LOST actually ends. :(

Now...I feel like I've been keeping things from blogland, acting like my newfound hobby is my first experience with sewing. It's not. Let me tell you a little story.

My Mom is an amazing seamstress. She sewed all of my (and my sibling's) Halloween costumes as long as I can remember and she always sewed other cool things for us growing up. In 8th grade, I decided to take a sewing class in hopes that I inherited my Mom's ability. I didn't. Halfway through the year I carelessly sewed right through one of my fingers, just barely missing the bone. Totally freaked me out. Though it really didn't hurt as badly as you think it would, I never wanted to get near a sewing machine again. To top it all off...I sucked. I sucked big time. My projects were horrendous and I got sew (haha!) frustrated that I basically just gave up. I sewed a few things in that time but I never really got back into it. Until now that is! I don't really know what sparked it, but I'm happy to run with it! Besides, I think it will be a good skill to have in the future.

So...there's the truth. I'm not a real newbie. I like to think of myself as "born again." Phew, I feel so better now that that's out in the open! ;)

On a happier note, I am much more capable now that I am older and wiser. :) I just finished this hot/cold bag from Make it and Love it. I love the fabric, it's so springy and fresh!

Ahhhhh. :)


Reusable Lunch Sack

Earlier this week I made my darling hubby an apron. He just couldn't be seen wearing one of my "girly aprons," so we went to Joanns and got him some "manly" fabric (picture to come in a later post about patterns.) Luckily, I got a little too much, and I had enough left over to make him a lunch sack to take to school with him.

Now, this is not my own original idea. I have seen a few of these around blogland before, but with the lack of oilcloth around here (seriously, I've checked every store within a 50 mile radius and came up with nothing) I had to improvise. I got some iron on vinyl to make it a little more waterproof and make it so he could wipe it clean. I had so many ideas to make it cute, but, since it needed to be "manly," I stuck to a boxy shape with a simple velcro closure.

I think he likes it, he took to to school with him the next day. :D I think it's funny that the horses are upside down when it's closed because it gets folded over.

I even included a pocked on the inside so it could hold his napkins and silverware (ignore the horribly uneven stitching.)

Yai for sewing experiments! What do you think of it?

Oh...and I thought I'd give you a peek at the prettiest fabric ever. From Wal*Mart. FOR ONE DOLLAR A YARD!! I'm not kidding, this gorgeous fabric for a dollar a yard. I about died. I got the entire rest of the bolt I was so excited.

The picture doesn't do it justice. The background is more of an aqua. I LOVE it. I haven't the slightest clue what to do with it yet but I had to have it.

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Salem Saberhagen

Did anyone ever watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch when they were younger? I LOVE that show!! I watch it every day! It's my favorite, and the funny thing is I didn't watch it much when I was younger, I really started to get into it in college, after the series was over. Funny how things work. Basically the only reason I watch it is because of Salem Saberhagen. HE IS SO FUNNY!!! Like, beyond hilarious. I love him. I keep a log of my favorite Salem quotes so I can read it later and laugh. He makes me happy.

And there is a glimpse into my life. Isn't he so cute!?!?! He's even cuter dressed up!



Newest Addition to the Sewing Family!

My new sewing table! You will laugh at what I've been doing without one. I've had my sewing machine set on the coffee table in the living room since I got it, and I kneel at the table to sew. Now, how does that work with the foot pedal? Um, yeah, I've been pushing it down with my hand. So actually, I've been sewing one-handed since I got the thing! David laughs whenever he sees me sewing like that. So, we decided to utilize my 50% off coupon from Joanns to get me a sewing table!

This is what it will look like when it's done (it conveniently folds up into the image on the left, SO handy for our little apartment) but for right now it looks like this...

Whadda guy. :) Where did I ever find him?? Notice the explosion of a thousand pieces and all of the equipment. Wow.

I'm so excited. :D I recently finished two scripture cases that I designed myself! I used elements of what I have learned from other bloggers, patterns, and scripture cases that I've owned to make this!

Ta daaaaaaa!!! It even fits the manual. Huzzah! After completing them (I also made one in navy) there are some things I would have changed, but I like it. I feel happy knowing that it's my own work. And I hope their new owners will like them too. :)

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! Mine has been ok, I got pulled over for the first time in my life today. :( Not a good experience, but it had to come eventually I guess.


What do you think?

I kinda made this up. I don't know how I feel about it. I got the top idea from a shirt I saw at Wet Seal when I was shopping, I bought a two pack of girls undershirts and used a clip art of a bow to get the design. I cut out the pieces and sewed it on (and fray checked it). The tank ended up being too short, so I decided to add a skirt to it. Luckily, that very same day, Disney from Ruffles and Stuff came out with a tutorial for her Lemonade Dress which helped me put it together. But...I'm still not so sure about it. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't.


A few more projects

These are a few more projects that I finished and got lost in the house when I made my original run through. Let me know what you think! And don't worry, I won't be constantly bombarding the blogging world with so many projects in one post, I just had to bring everyone up to speed!

A reversible apron (the other side is the pink plaid with the star material as the pockets) I used an apron I had as a pattern.

A ruffly cardigan from an old (well, brand new actually) long sleeved shirt. (From Shannon Makes Stuff)

Flower Bracelet (From Rubber Punkin)

Grocery Bag holder (That I LOVE!! From Make it and Love it)

"EAT" blocks. This was one of my first projects and was actually just an experiment, but I like the way it turned out. :)


The Long Awaited Moment!!!

I have pictures of most of my projects! :D With my brand new camera! It is SO nice! I have such a great husband. :) I had an amazing birthday, after breakfast and the scavenger hunt we went to Idaho Falls and went shopping! They must have known that it was my birthday because I got some AMAZING deals! Not even kidding, I got jeans that fit amazingly, a really cute dress, two lace tanks for 97 cents each! Those were the best, but I got so many others. All in all I spent $20 and I basically got a new wardrobe. Deals make me sooo happy. We also saw How to Train Your Dragon (which you HAVE to see, right now. Take the whole family and finish the blog post later. Go now!!!). And to wrap up the day, we had the most amazing dinner at a really nice steakhouse in Rigby. Awesome birthday. :)

And here are my projects!! I hope you enjoy looking at them. :) (Note: I try my best to give credit where credit is due. If I used someone else's idea and/or tutorial I link up to where I got it from. If there is none listed, it was my own idea.)

Stuffed Animals.

Bean bag ocean animals (from Crab Bags and Other Bean Beings by Margaret Pack)
Animals made out of gloves and wash mitts. (Dog from Martha Stewart and Hedgies from Darling Petunia)Pointy Kitty (from Wee Wonderfuls)
And this one is my favorite! (from Get Your Craft On)

These are the more "crafting" projects. Non sewing.

Our profiles from our wedding around a wedding picture (I got the idea off a site a loooong time ago and then just recently tried it myself. I can't remember where the original project came from, but I made it in my own way)I got these pearl letters from Michaels on clearance for 50 cents each! The frame I got for a dollar at DI and painted black.


Pencil Case. This was my very first zipper! (from Little Birdie Secrets)

This is actually a craft and an accessory. The cherry bag is the accessory (from Fireflies and Jellybeans), and it's hanging from a mail carrier thing I remade.

A purse made out of a placemat (from Little Birdie Secrets)


This is my first "refinishing" project. It's supposed to be a tuxedo shirt. (Based on this) I took an old red shirt and some red knit fabric and added the ruffles.

I made this one without a formal pattern (I used a dress I already had as a pattern) with some knit I got from DI. I'm not sure if I like it.

Baby things. (No, I'm not having a baby, the patterns were just easy and good for me to start with.)

Burp cloths (from homemade by jill)

Well, hope you enjoyed the pics! If you have any questions let me know. :) There are a few more that I have thought of since this post, but I'll save those for another post.



I got a camera!!! I was going to use money I got from my birthday today to go and buy one, but my wonderful hubby way way ahead of me! This morning after my favorite breakfast, he lead me on a scavenger hunt to find different camera accessories, and then finally to my brand new (pink!) camera!

He (and his mom, and dad, and grandma) all pitched in to get me this! I even got a pink leather case. :) He is so great! Now I can take pictures of all of my projects! But not today, I've still got a fun birthday ahead of me. :)



I've kinda been on a sewing hiatus because of those seemingly simple little contraptions. I am making some things that require zippers, but I am so frustrated with them! All the pinning, the irritating sewing, the stupid zipper foot, needless to say my first zipper experiences weren't great ones. :) But, I have made my peace (sorta) and have started sewing again! Huzzah!


You know what I DON'T Love?

SNOW!!!! It had all melted, seriously, all those big piles in the parking lots and and all of it in "hard to melt places." I was so excited for spring. But, it snowed all day yesterday. I wake up this morning to it looking just as snowy as it did all winter. ARGH!!!!!!!! Please come back spring. :(