Don't forget...

If you haven't already, don't forget to check out my new craft blog!


My New Obsession

I've discovered my new "stay at home wife" hobby! Crafting. Oh my goodness, I'm addicted. I've browsed so many crafting blogs and I have a 50 page document of things I want to try. The motive behind it is trying to make my home more "homey." David and I have been in school and working constantly since we got married, and our home could really use some TLC. I've been scouring the DI and buying scrapbook paper and ribbon and Mod Podge and I've been going to town! My most recent project is a refurbished mail holder, the kind that hangs on the wall. Our entire marriage we've put all the mail on the deep freezer we have, and it's always bugged is. I feel so accomplished that I made something old and disgusting into something that looks cute and complements our living room. :) Alas, I don't have any pictures, I haven't been able to find it since Christmas.

Does anyone else out there like to craft? Got any good ideas?



So much for updating my blog often. I blame it on student teaching, that semester sucked away my life. So...updates...

1. I graduated college, huzzah!

Um...that's it really. I'm currently subbing (or rather, sitting at home all day doing nothing hoping for a sub job) and that's basically my life right now. Boring...I know. I'm thinking about getting a hobby. I'll let you know how that goes.