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HOLY COW ITS DECEMBER!! :D :D :D :D That just happens to be the month I'm getting married!! Huzzah!!!! 18 more days!!!!!

...ok. Excitement over. Now comes two weeks worth of projects, papers, and finals. :( I don't like the association of Christmas and finals. It completely ruins the whole spirit of Christmas if you ask me. The thought process is this: "Hooray Christmas is coming!! Oh...wait....that means finals are coming. Boo. I hate December." Now how Christmasy is that?? Not. If I have my own university, I'll start school just a tad earlier but then let everyone off at Thanksgiving. Wouldn't that be better? I see no point in coming back for two weeks. 99% of us are already gone (in the sense that we have zero desire to accomplish anything). Yes. I think I will write to my congressman.

But until I change the world, I have projects to do...sigh.