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Less than a week!!!!

Oh my goodness. We've reached the "less than a week" phase. It's starting to hit me. Honestly, I can't really believe it. ME? Getting MARRIED?? That's like...something old people do! Not me! But ahhhh I'm excited. :) I'm just having trouble grasping it!! This week sure is a busy one. Today I got my hair cut and I've been running around to the reception site, dropping off things to awfully genereous friends who are helping out and getting my hair cut. Tomorrow I have my bridal shower and some shopping for a dress for the luncheon, Wed is my bachelorette party, Thursday I go through the temple, and then Friday I'm MARRIED! Huzzah!!! I wonder if it's this weird for everyone. I'm guessing part of it might be the fact that it was just finals week and I'm still in school mode. That's a hard mode to switch from. Good thing I still have FOUR MORE DAYS. :D

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Kat said...

i'm so so sorry i couldn't be at your bridal shower :( i wanted to be but you know how life is....stuff happens and you can't control it. i can't believe you're getting married! AHHH!!!.......weird.