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Blogging Noob!!

So, I was trying to figure out how to follow other people's blogs, and I ended up following myself! And I still don't know how to follow other people's. I'm embarrassed at my noobness.

I've been studying for the Praxis a lot lately. I can't believe I take the tests on Saturday!! It's one of those things where you feel like it's soooo far away that you don't really think too much about it, but then all of the sudden it's here and you wish you would have thought about it more. I took a practice test for the Content Knowledge (which is where I have to recall EVERYTHING I've ever learned in school starting from Kindergarten through yesterday) and I didn't do too badly, but I want to do better. Perhaps I'm setting my standards too high, but I really want to do well on this test. "Passing" scores are different in every state, so even if I pass for Idaho, that score might not be good enough for another state. So I'm shooting pretty high. I'm really nervous for it, probably more so than is healthy. :\ Oh well, it'll be over Saturday afternoon. :)

I think I would blog more if I had more things to talk about. I mean, I don't have a hobby that would interest anyone else (like couponing or scrapbooking) that I could post about and give good tips on and people would come and benefit from my posts. Nor do I have any children that I could put pictures up of and brag about and talk to other moms about baby things. Nor am I even in school, which would also give at least SOME material. And I'm not single anymore, so I don't have fun adventures with roommates to post about. No, I'm just a hosewife who cooks my husband dinner and folds laundry. Not that I'm complaining in any way about my life, I love my life! It just doesn't yeild anything that I deem blog worthy. :D Maybe I can start posting pictures of my spotless kitchen sink or my stack of freshly folded laundry. Woot.

But, thank you to all who read this. :) I know it's not the most exciting blog but I like knowing that at least one or two people read it. :)


Dreams Really Do Come True... said...

Hey Amie! You see Mark because hes the only thats a student :-) I graduated in December!! Wahoo!!

Good luck on your test!!

Melody said...

Good luck on the Praxis. I'm sure you'll do well.

I often find that I want to say something on my blog and have no idea what. Even with a baby, most of the time my days are feeding, cleaning, sleeping. It's not that interesting. So I can relate!

And to follow someone elses blog (I only recently figured this out!), up at the top of their page on the left-hand side, it should have a few buttons, one of them saying "follow". Click on it, and voila! You're following. Good luck!

likefireworks said...

Do you make interesting dinners? You could post about you adventures in cooking.

Good luck on your test!