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Big Kahuna

I let David make dinner yesterday. He told me he was going to make chicken enchiladas, so I thought that it was a safe decision. Later, when he calls me into dinner, and he'd only made four. Why? Because he'd use massive 12" tortillas and that's all that would fit in the pan!! He dubbed them, "The Big Kahuna Enchiladas." Men. I took a picture...but unfortunately I forgot to put the memory card into the camera so the pictures are stuck in my camera and I have no idea how to get them out.

In other news, I started my new (well, old) job! In April I worked on campus in the housing department cleaning and doing service requests for on campus housing (mainly the dorms). David continued working there during the semester, and I managed to nab the job again, so we're working together!! :) It's pretty tedious work, not very much fun, but honestly it's a full time job. I've been dying for one of those for months! I'm not really used to working for 8 hours a day though...I've been sitting on my butt for the past few months and now that I have to be standing and do physical labor for 8 hours, my body is rejecting it. I'm utterly exhausted by the time I come home! And a little looy. I think it's kind of funny, I imagine that's how I would act if I were to ever get drunk.

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Melody said...

The only time I let Jason cook by himself is if he's made the thing before and it turned out alright. lol.