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David and I got Netflix a month or so ago. It was David's idea, solely for the purpose of watching 24. Honestly, that's the only reason he wanted it. We've finally caught up on LOST, and we had to search the internet for extended periods of time to find season 5 episodes (since it wasn't on the ABC website) and it was extremely difficult to find all those episodes, and they were all poor quality. So, David decided that instead of trying to borrow DVDs to watch 24, or spend hours searching for it online, we would get Netflilx. I think we've watched only 2 actual DVDs since we got (and that was only because I begged). I will admit, however, it's rather convienent, and it's nice to have good quality picture and sound.

Now for my comments on the show...I'm still trying to decide if I like it, we're halfway through the second season now. It's so intense, there is always so much going on. I think what really gets me is that you can't trust anyone on the show, it's like everyone is a traitor or something, that bothers me. It's a really good show, I actually get like worked up and sad and hurt and feel real emotions when I watch the show. That's how you know it's a good one. But so much drama, so much betrayal. I guess I would like it more if I could actually trust somebody on the show or if there was one episode where someone isn't killed or something good happens and it doesn't get screwed over later. Anyone else watch 24? I'm interested to hear your thoughts on it.


Melody said...

I have a couple friends who are really into the show. I think I've seen like... one episode, but the one I saw was pretty good.

Jason and I have Netflix as well, to make up for the fact that we're too poor to get cable. :( I just got done watching seasons 1-3 of Bones. :) If you haven't watched it, you should! It's intense, but it has a lot of good, trustworthy characters.

Brielle said...

Jeff and I love 24. We like watching the season all at once though. It stinks having to wait so long for each episode and we forget what happened in the previous episode. We hate Jacks daughter but for the most part there is good acting. This last season was really good. I liked having netflix.