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Major Frustrations

I HATE not having a camera. HATE it. Especially with this crafting/sewing obsession. I really want to post pictures of all of my stuff (mostly to motivate me to do more. If I "have to" post about it, I'll come up with (or find) more things. And, with the helpful critiquing of fellow bloggers, I will be more motivated to make better and cooler things!). And I can't do any of that without a camera! Describing something just doesn't cut it, most people are visual, they need to SEE something! (I am one of those people). I thought maybe if I use a tutorial from another blog or website I could post one of their pictures of the final product on my blog, but most of them don't want that, and email all these people about using one of their pictures is just too much work. It would be much easier to have a camera. But I don't! Such bad timing to lose one. Grrrrrr.

Ok, rant over. Hopefully after my birthday in a few weeks I'll have enough money to buy a new one and life will be wonderful. :)

This is the project I finished today. I LOVE it. I think it's so scary, it's cute! I didn't see any disclaimers on her site, so hopefully I'm good with this one.
Mine is a green print with a brown underbelly. I love it. Tutorial here.

Update: I'm so happy there are great crafters out there that are willing to share their ideas and tutorials (and pictures!). :) I got this one off of Fireflies and Jellybeans (that links up to the tutorial). Mine is made with a fat quarter with cherries on it, I think it turned out really cute!


Lynette said...

Of course you can use my problem! I'm so glad you like your snake! I think it's a fun project and my kid's love them! I hope you get a camera soon so I can see a picture of yours...make sure to email me one when you do! Thanks for checking out my blog!


Amie said...

Thanks so much! :) I'll send you a picture. :)