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Things I have made so far

I am loving my new sewing machine!!! Here are some things that I have made so far:

A purse out of a placemat (it's really cool, I even got a compliment on it!)
A pencil case
Two burp clothes (don't get any ideas, it's just a really easy way to practice)
A few bibs (again, they're very easy and I need practice)

Hm....that doesn't seem like that much and I feel like all I've been doing is sewing! I guess I have worked a few times the past week and I've socializied more than I usually do. But either way, I'm loving it. I bought some more fabric this weekend so I can try my hand and making clothes! I wish I had my stupid was lost in Disneyland so I don't have any pictures of my creations. Dag.

Update: I just finished "Pointy Kitty." My hardest project yet, which shows how beginner I am. Here's the link if you want the pattern, I had a lot of fun with it!! Mine is black with white stripes and green eyes.

Update 2: I found this really great FREE ebook online called "Crab Bags and Other Bean Beings." It has six seriously adorable bean bag animals and my new task is to make all six. So far I've made the crab (blue, of course :D) and the frog (red, for a poison tree frog.) Aren't they CUUUUTE!?!??!

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