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Becky's Babes Birthday Beach Bash!!!

(Say that 10 times fast!) This is my 100th post!!! How exciting is that? :) I guess my New Year's resolution to update the blog more actually pulled through.

This weekend I was able to go to Ocean City, MD with my old friend Becky and a whole bunch of other girls from high school for Becky's birthday! It was a lot of fun, I really needed a weekend to get away from life and to get out and have fun. :) Since I got married I haven't really gone out with girls!

With the exception of Becky, I hadn't seen any of these girls since high school! (I know I'm still a youngin and only graduated in '05, but five years is still a long time to go without seeing someone!)

 On Saturday a few of us broke off and we enjoyed a stroll along the boardwalk, it was weird to walk along it when it was so cold!!

And so deserted!! My childhood memories of Ocean City include sweltering heat and what felt like over a million people on the boardwalk. There was hardly anyone! I felt like I was walking along it for the first time, seeing shops and stores I'd never been able to see before!

This was my favorite one! It had an endless amount of paintings and it was even playing Christmas music! (I am not a supporter of Christmas before Thanksgiving, but it was kind of fun to be at the beach with Christmas music in the background.)

I saw this painting just kind sitting along the wall and HAD to have it. A framed, original oil painting for less than $15!! You can't even find deals that good on Etsy! I love it, I can't wait to find the perfect place to hang it.

I'm hopscotching on some colorful boards. I'd never seen those before, but it was a refreshing break from the old, grayed boards.

Anyone a fan of Harry Potter? I know you're jealous that we saw Sirius Black on the beach! It's hard to tell from the pictures but this dog was huge!!

Unfortunately, the sun doesn't set on east coast beaches, it rises. But it was still beautiful to see the "background" of the sunset on the beach! I loved seeing the carnival silhouetted against the beach and the bright colors reflecting off the waves.

 Once the sun set, we were off for a night of dancing! The restaurant/bar we went to was what we referred to as a "cougar bar" (lot of drunk older women hitting on younger guys) and the live band was so loud I literally could not hear myself speaking, but overall it was fun. I haven't gone dancing in years!

I spent Sunday morning enjoying the beautiful view from the condo we were staying at. Yeah, this picture was taken on the balcony. :)

HA!! You thought you could escape a post without seeing a picture of my food? You were sadly mistaken. :) Eggs Benedict is my all time favorite breakfast and the cute little place we went to had Eggs Benedict with crab meat instead of ham! Um, can you say delectable? It wasn't even a wimpy amount of fake crab, it was big ol' chunks of real crab meat. Oh I love the beach. :) I was able to order seafood for every single meal while I was there!

After brunch it was some more boardwalk time, since not everyone got to go on it on Saturday. I used some of my time to actually walk along the beach and enjoy the salty air and freezing water. There is something so calming about listening to the waves and picking up shells.

I missed David a lot while I was gone, but I found ways to include him in the trip. :)

There was one shop on the boardwalk called "Salty Yarns" and it was such an adorable little craft shop! I didn't buy anything (those little skeins of yarn were at least $10 each which is a little too much for a beginning knitter that messes up a lot.) I was so happy Mary pointed out the shop! I thought I wasn't going to have anything to do with crafting over the weekend. :)

I think my favorite part of the second trip was renting old school bikes and riding down the boardwalk. These bikes were pink, had baskets and bells and even back pedal brakes! It was so much fun, I felt like a little kid again. :)

"Excuse me ma'am, have you been drinking?" "No officer, I'm just walking on this line." "You're not walking very straight." "The line isn't straight!" Ok, that really didn't happen, I just thought it was funny that the lines weren't painted straight. :)

Since we were celebrating Becky's 23rd birthday, it was only appropriate to celebrate on 23rd street!

 Our final stop was a pizza and pancake (odd combination yes?) joint called "Dough Roller." The waitress encouraged us to draw on the back of our placemats and we happily followed her instructions. :)

Sadly, all vacations must come to an end. But I'm happy I went. :)

I even got to see my family on the way home too. :) What a wonderful weekend I had! I hope yours went well too.


Heidi and Christian said...

That picture from the balcony is BEAUTIFUL. It looks like a painting!

Amie said...

Thank you! :)