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Thanksgiving at MuggaPappap's

I haven't forgotten about this blog, I just get too lazy to write in it! Take Thanksgiving for example, super fun, took lots of pictures, but I know hours of blogging are ahead of me to post it all and then I just get lazy and don't do. Sorry. :( But I won't but it off any longer! (Though the post might be lacking in words, there are 52 pictures to make up for it. So that's....52,000 words! Win!) David and I headed up to my grandparent's house in PA for the holiday weekend! My cousin Courtney came down from NY, so it ended up being a big crowd.

Me and Al in our matching Turbie Twists that also matched out outfits!

Poor Jum Jum really wanting some turkey. :(

The girls and I all made jewelry, since that's my new favorite thing.

Courtney and I prepped the table, since we weren't allowed to help with cooking!

Paper plates aren't classy you say? HA! Mugga and Pappap don't have a dishwasher is what I say back to you!
I think we did a FINE job thankyouverymuch.

Doesn't Jellybean look sooo funny in this picture?? Hahahaaa, I love her so much!

 Hard at work to make the holidays memorable.
 Lazy butts doing nothing! This is basically what any down time looked like over the weekend, everyone at a laptop. Talk about family bonding!
 Mugga's famous stuffing!
And also famous cole slaw,

Yeah, you're jealous. I know.

 These are the faces of happy campers waiting to get food! Well, Allie is more like a "FOOD FOOD FOOD" face.
 It was a little cramped, but that just makes it easier to spread the love around!
 With Pappap's rotator cuff surgery, he had to do everything left handed. Of course he wouldn't let us help him at all.
 And Jellybean finally got some turkey. :)
I was trying to take a picture of how sweet is was of my dad to bring my mom happy face stuffing, and Allie had to go and PHOTOBOMB it! Although, I will admit, it's a pretty good photobomb.

Mugga will KILL me for posting this, but I thought this was the most adorable picture ever!! Isn't it?? We were all tired after dinner, there was a lot of this going on.

 The next day was Black Friday, so we went shopping for a while. Brandon and I went through a really cool antique shop. He liked the cool feather hat, amongst other things. I was sad I didn't get a picture of everything we saw!
 This just made us laugh. An outlet store for alcohol? How does that work??
 After shopping and seeing HP7.1 we took a traditional trip to CiCis. This is the traditional taking pictures of the remaining crusts! (With more traditional photobombing!)
 Non pizza eating Courtney only had olives behind, what a shame!

 And Allie the crust eater didn't have and crusts to show off.
 (See what I mean about photobombing??)

 We played so many games while we were there. Wii games, board games, word games, you name it, we played it! However, once David smashed the antique crystal lamp while playing Wii Dance we stopped playing. (Look at the lamp on the right. See how it doesn't have the dangly things like the one on the left? Yeah, David broke them.)
 Drinking lemonade through "Veggie straws," which surprisingly wasn't revolting!
 Courtney had a knack for winning all the games!
And David and Dad don't have a knack for making mad faces.

I caught Jellybean doing the "Ultimate Relaxation Pose!!" I was so excited!

Oh! And it snowed while we were there! Though it's hard to see, I promise it's there. It inspired us to make...

Snowflakes! My idea, of course. Everyone joined in the fun, we even had to improv with the scissors!

Yeah, they didn't work very well.

 Apparently Dad didn't know how to make snowflakes! I felt bad, he's missed out on so much in life!!
 Allie was good at making doilies.

 (Make sure you check out both snowflakes in this picture!)

 (See the creepy totem pole looking face in the middle??)
It was such a great trip, I was so sad to leave. On the way home I tried to get a picture of "Dad's favorite rocks" but I didn't do a very good job. Next time I'll get them!!

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