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Christmas and New Years!

Last year my new years resolution was to blog more. And I am happy to report that, looking over the year overall, I did a pretty good job! I got thrown off with the start of my craft blog and a complete lack of material to write about, but I love the accomplishment. :)

We kind of a crazy Christmas, we essentially had three! One with David and I, one with my family, and one with his. It was so wonderful to be with so much family on such a special day. Too bad I was sick out of my freaking mind.

 We started early, 6:30am and we don't have kids to blame for it!
 The hubs got me a fantastic bead caddy! I pretty much immediately transferred everything to it.
 After our short Christmas together we headed over to my parents house. Jellybean loved her presents. :)

 Brandon is playing an Ocarina from David! He basically mastered it within a few seconds.
 It even snowed a little bit!! I honestly think it's the first time I've ever had a semi white Christmas. It's usually too early to snow in Maryland.
 Brandon was so proud of the way he wrapped David's summer sausage present.
 Have you ever had one of these? They are delightful! I want to try making my own after I saw how easily it seemed to be assembled.
 Brandon's traditional wearing of all of the clothes he got.
 Christmas dinner. (I wasn't included, I was so sick I didn't want to risk getting everyone else sick.)
 After dinner we headed back to David's house to have Christmas there! We got David's dad some pomelos, gigantic green grapefruits that he used to eat on his mission.

As awful as this picture is, I think it does a good job showing how sick I really was. I even have a breathe right strip on because I was practically dying. I used every bit of strength to smile when I got my presents (I was super excited for everything, I got some amazing craft gear from my family and David's mom even got me a Silhouette!) It was a great Christmas, but I'm glad the hype of the holidays is over.

New Years was very quiet, the first one I've ever had. The past two New Years I've been in Disneyland! But with so many people being so sick we just didn't have it in us to do anything big.

 We taught Cleo how to be Keyboard Cat! (Video reference here.)
 We enjoyed sparkling cider and poppers.
 The company of family and friends.
 Jack even joined in the fun. :)
 A little too much if you ask me!
 Have you ever played Blockus? You should, it's awesome.
 And we ended the evening with a traditional New Years kiss. :)

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