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So I'm starting to realize that trying to run two separate blogs is kind of difficult. But nonetheless, here I am trying. That counts...right?

Last week David officially started his internship at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

It's the largest accounting firm in the world, so it's kind of a big deal that he's working there!

On his first day of work. Isn't he so handsome?? :) So far it's been pretty hard for him, he works LONG hours (I'm talking like 8am to 11pm, no joke) and the work is difficult, but for the most part he enjoys it. We're both happy that he's finally working after four months of being at home! I miss him a lot during the day since I've been so used to having him around. I just hope the poor guy doesn't get burned out. Good thing he's getting paid over time!

On a related note, a month or two before the internship started David got a call from PWC requesting his shirt size because they were going to send him a box of "goodies." Sure enough, a few weeks later we received this box of goodies.

I thought it was so funny because it actually had goodies! David stole the cookies before I could take the picture though. Typical. :)

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