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PWC Busy Season Gala

I'm alive! I know, I'm such a slacker. You want to know what's sad? Part of the reason I'm deterred from updating this blog is because I don't feel like signing out of my other account, signing into this one, writing a post, and switching back. Boy am I lazy. But nonetheless, here I am. I have a few more posts coming soon, Valentine's Day and the Aquarium.

Last night David and I went to his "Busy Season Gala." It was literally a giant, Mardis Gras themed party for the whole company to celebrate the end of the busy season. A good reason to have a party, I must say. It's been nice to have David home at a decent hour. :) It was quite a fancy party! It was at a beautiful country club, it was over 100 years old and had such beautiful vintage charm. There was a live band, bowling, dinner bar, dessert bar, open bar, raffles, games, and dancing. It honestly was a lot like prom, everyone was in fancy dresses! Except this time, more than half the guests were drunk, at prom it was only a select few. :P

It was the first time I'd really been to a party like this before, I guess that shows how new I am to the "adult world." David and I had a lot of fun, I was able to meet some of his coworkers!

I think the most fun was the duck pink bowling, it was old fashioned bowling that had tiny little balls, tiny little pins, and you could have as many turns as you wanted! It was difficult to adjust to throwing a ball with no finger holes, but after a little bit I got the hang of it pretty well!

We mostly kept to ourselves and left without a single drink (I honestly got a glare from a bartender when I asked for a non alcoholic drink!), but all in all we had fun. I think the employees really deserved a fabulous party after working so hard these past few months!

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