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I got David's wedding ring today. :D He doesn't know what it looks like, I figured since he can keep basically the entire honeymoon a surprise for me, I can keep his ring and my dress a surprise for him. I got really lucky, the ring went for over $600 and I got it for $170 because of David's employee discount at the jewlery store. :D Now, what to do with the money saved is another story! Oh the possibilities. I wanted to see how it looked on his finger, so I had him turn around and I slipped it on. Let me tell you, I know it's a guys ring but dang it looked beautiful on his finger. It was nice in the picture, even better in real life, but perfect on his finger! Glad the three months of digging for it was worth it. :)

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Dreams Really Do Come True... said...

Thats a great deal! I also got Marks ring at a beautiful price!! So, you dont know where you are honeymooning? Oh my! Congrats Amie!!