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Halloween is undoubtedly my most favorite holiday. It's pretty much perfect in my eyes. Why? Here, let me show you!



2. Playing dress up! (and making the costumes)

3. Being scared and scaring people

4. Tons of parties/carnivals/other ways to celebrate

5. Cooking food to look like scary things

6. Doesn't really have significant religious ties so everyone can celebrate it

7. Haunted houses

8. Carving pumpkins

9. Fun with makeup

10. Scary movies

11. Fun decorations

12. Ghost stories


1. Don't get school off


Hmmm, yes I do believe I've made my point. :D I'm going to be Princess Peach this year! David will be my Mario, and my little brother, Jordan, is going to be Yoshi. A pretty good team, I would say. We're going to try to make "cars" for us so we can me in Mario Kart, but either way, they will be awesome costumes. Pictures to come! Once I finish it...good thing I'm done with classes before 9 tomorrow. :D Then I have all day to get ready! Ooooo I love Halloween. :D

P.S. 50 more days. :D :D :D


Dreams Really Do Come True... said...

We got your announcement!! So exciting!! Where are you guys registered? Are you traveling back to Rexburg after the wedding? Maybe a giftcard...

Amie said...

were registered at target! and yes, we'll be coming back to rexburg...but not till jan 2. i think were gonna arrange for a friend to hold anything that gets sent for us...