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A few exciting things

Last week I was able to substitute almost an entire week, which brings my grand total this month to almost three solid weeks of substituting. I feel so blessed that I was able to sub so much, any money I make is an added benefit to our budget, and it makes me feel so much more secure if anything were to happen during the semester (like my unexpected "minor surgery" last week....*shudders*). It won't be a huge paycheck, but bigger than any paycheck I've had for a while. :)

Other exciting news, at DI I found an itsy bitsy sewing machine!! It goes really well with my new "crafting" hobby. It's tiny (it's meant for scrabooking actually) but I made a little fabric block with it so it's working pretty well for me so far. Besides, it would be silly of me to buy a real sewing machine if my little "hobby" fizzles out soon. I like it, it works well for small projects and I think it's just what I need right now to help build some skills and give me something to do during the day.

I made sweet potato enchiladas. They were absolutely delicious. I love sweet potatoes, I love enchiladas, and even though the thought of the two together was a little bit weird, I loved them. Thanks Lydia, for posting about it. :)

And finally, my very talented former roommate, Brielle, whose homemade cards are nothing but gorgeous, is giving a few away. Lucky us! Check her out at for the giveaway and pictures of her cards. Trust me, you'll be in love.

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Brielle & Jeffrey Kennington said...

YOU WON!!! email me your address so I can send them to you. Congrats!