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I just finished a long term sub job. It was two weeks long, and I actually got to plan and teach real lessons, it was ALMOST like I had my own classroom. I've noticed that I like teaching so much better now that I get paid for it. Is that bad? I sometimes feel bad, shouldn't I just enjoy teaching for the love of teaching? I guess I'm just human right? :P

Pros of Substituting:
1. Money
2. Usually really easy days
3. Don't have to stay late or some early
4. If it's a horrible class, you don't have to go back

Cons of Substituting:
1. Awful pay
2. Kids don't respect you
3. You have to follow someone else's rules
4. You never know when you're going to work, it could be weeks before another job

All in all though, I've enjoyed. it. :) Hopefully I can get a full time teaching job sometime soon.

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