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An honor

This week, we went to a friend's surprise birthday party. It was a blast. This friend (Matt) also happens to be David's 2nd cousin, and the older brother of David's best friend (Robert). Robert goes to school at BYU (blech) and is coming up next weekend to visit his brother and sister in law (Ashley), his sister (Tamara), and of course, his best friend. Tamara casually mentions that while Robert is here, we should have Hawaiian haystacks for dinner one of the nights he's here. I LOVE Hawaiian haystacks, so of course I had no objection to this proposal. Upon further discussion, I discover that the sister-in-law (Ashley) hates Hawaiian haystacks....except for the ones that I make. Tamara also pipes in that the haystacks I make are the best she's ever had. What an honor! :)

Fast forward to today. David and I are eating dinner, discussing our plans for the upcoming week. We talk about the haystacks and shopping and stuff, and then David reveals that Robert was the one that told Tamara to tell me to make haystacks because mine are the best. That little schemer!

And that is my cool story for the week. I really do feel honored that four people (yes, my darling husband is one of them) think that I make the best haystacks. :) I really wish I had a recipe for them now....

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