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This past weekend I was able to visit my parents not only for my little brother's 17th birthday, but also to go to the Colorfest Craft Fair! It. Was. AWESOME!

I can't believe he's 17 now. Makes me feel so incredibly old! My mom made this DELICIOUS apple cake with warm caramel on top. It was so delicious, I can't even tell you!

In case you couldn't see these cuties on the cake, here are a bunch of close ups. My mom used these adorable candle holders on a lot of mine and my other brother's birthday cakes, but they kind of got lost and weren't used as much for the two younger kiddos. But my mom busted these out and we were all giddy over them. Aren't they so cute???

 A video game where you can be a lawyer. He loves it.

However, I do believe he liked our present better. :) (It's a snowball gun, by the way.) Just look at that happy face! Win one for the sister!

Early the next morning, my mom, David and I loaded up the van and headed to Thurmont, Maryland for Colorfest!!! It was the best craft fair I've ever been to, hundreds and hundreds and HUNDREDS of vendors with so many crafts we didn't even get to see them all. And we were there from 8:30am to 5pm!! My feet were in agony by the end of the day, but it was so much fun. :) I don't think David had fun...he was basically our pack mule for the day, but my mom and I sure did!

We were booking it and I mean booking it the entire day, so I wasn't able to get pictures of everything. :( But here are some goodies to drool over!

 Just as a warning, there are lots of kitty crafts. I love kitties!!
 Do you see the size of the stem?? It's like as thick as my arm! (ok, not quite...)
 I was so in love with this quilt. SO IN LOVE. I really, really, really wanted it, but I just didn't have the money. I need a fancy machine to quilt like that and add pretty embroidery.

 Teeny tiny little vases! Aren't they adorable!!
 I really want to try this. A dried pepper wreath! And it smelled just as good as it looks.

 This painting makes me want to watercolor paint again.

 These were all made from recycled materials! Not only are they super cool, what a great way to make money off of old junk. :)

 Those are crab shells! Painted as kitties! Two of my favorite things in one, yes please!

 Dressed up pumpkins!! I love it.

 He was such a good pack mule. :)
 I love the kitties on this, but look at that ridiculously happy pumpkin behind it all.

This was David's favorite part. :) Shows how much fun he had! Too bad, at least me and my mom had fun. :)

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