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Waterford Virginia Festival

This last Saturday, I went down to Waterford, VA to a seriously awesome craft fair/homes tour with my MIL. We were there for hours walking around looking at old, historic houses and moping about how untalented we are compared to ridiculously talented people. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll let the pictures do the talking. :)

I didn't know that people still actually spun yarn, but apparently they do!

This is an angora rabbit, isn't is huge? If you've ever worn an angora sweater, this is likely where it came from. We got to touch some of the fur and it was SOO soft!

This one woman created beautiful pieces with real pressed flowers. And all this time I thought pressed flowers were corny!

There were some amazing quilts, this one was my favorite. I almost entered to win it, but I didn't want to blow the little money I had on entering.

Some of my very favorite exhibits were of wood crafts. Carvings, whittling, all of it, I loved it! Here are some more examples.

Oh, and don't even get me started on some of the amazing things that people can do with PAPER.

I can't even believe half this stuff was made out of paper. Can you get over how gorgeous those lamp shades are??

Did you know that I used to teach pottery classes? I LOVED it, I took classes, I taught classes, there is just something about working with the earth that is so exhilarating. I wish I would have continued so I could create some of these...

There were glass crafts...

"Natural" crafts...

 Don't you just love the kitty cat pendant?? Not for $300...but I  still loved it. :)

Cinnamon scented beeswax! That was my souvenir. :)

There were a lot of "olden" crafts that were so interesting to watch.

(Yeah, you read that right. $2,000 for a basket. And you have to be on the waiting list for a year to get one. But I think an elephant could stand on one and nothing would happen.)

 I LOVED the old clothing. Authentic replicates of 18th century clothing? I almost lost my mind and wrote a check for that gold one, but I wanted to still be married to David so I resisted. :)

And of course, no post would be complete without a picture of the things I ate! :)

Mmmm. :)

Oh. I also saw Jennie. It was great. :)

I'm going to another fair this weekend with my mom with twice as many vendors so be prepared. :)


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