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4.27.2010 I've been keeping things from you.

There was no new LOST tonight. This deeply saddens me. My whole week is messed up! I have nothing to contemplate, nothing to talk about....I'm so LOST. (Haha! :D) Hopefully I can make it until next will prepare me for when LOST actually ends. :(

Now...I feel like I've been keeping things from blogland, acting like my newfound hobby is my first experience with sewing. It's not. Let me tell you a little story.

My Mom is an amazing seamstress. She sewed all of my (and my sibling's) Halloween costumes as long as I can remember and she always sewed other cool things for us growing up. In 8th grade, I decided to take a sewing class in hopes that I inherited my Mom's ability. I didn't. Halfway through the year I carelessly sewed right through one of my fingers, just barely missing the bone. Totally freaked me out. Though it really didn't hurt as badly as you think it would, I never wanted to get near a sewing machine again. To top it all off...I sucked. I sucked big time. My projects were horrendous and I got sew (haha!) frustrated that I basically just gave up. I sewed a few things in that time but I never really got back into it. Until now that is! I don't really know what sparked it, but I'm happy to run with it! Besides, I think it will be a good skill to have in the future.

So...there's the truth. I'm not a real newbie. I like to think of myself as "born again." Phew, I feel so better now that that's out in the open! ;)

On a happier note, I am much more capable now that I am older and wiser. :) I just finished this hot/cold bag from Make it and Love it. I love the fabric, it's so springy and fresh!

Ahhhhh. :)


Brielle said...

If I sewed through my finger I probably wouldn't want to get near a sewing machine either. I think your projects are adorable and I love the fabric you pick out.

Brooke's mommy! said...

Great fabric! I JUST got home from the store with the exact same material for the exact same project! What are the odds?! Haha! I came over to see your pic from the tutorial. I'm making these for my kids daycare teachers for Teacher Appreciation week!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest bag. You will be eating lunch in style. When you teach the kids go bonkers over things like that. Lunch boxes, necklaces, socks, etc. (Just a few I always tried to be creative with for them to be able to comment on.) They will love this lunch bag. Keep it up. You're scoring!

Anonymous said...
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