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Henry the Hobo

WARNING: If you are freaked out by spiders, DO NOT READ THIS POST!!! Instead, focus on this...

Cute picture of a chipmunk from and click "back." I'm now under the assumption that if you're still here, you don't mind seeing close of pictures of creepy spiders? Ok...last chance!

Meet Henry. He is our Hobo Spider (at least we think he is...he might not be!) He terrorized us last night. David found him under the air hockey table and we pretty much all freaked out (I had to leave the room.) He tried to squash it but little Henry wouldn't die, so David caught him instead. After a little bit I was brave enough to come and take pictures. This one is kind of cute...but honestly they're still giving me creeps!

Poor Henry. Stuck in our jar!

David caught a moth and stuck it in the jar with Henry and he caught it and started eating it! It was super gross.

He was a pretty big spider...I know straight pins aren't all that big but when I saw him on the floor I screamed and ran away.

Did you know that spiders can turn into comets?? Wooshing through the sky in a flaming ball! (Ok, I just thought the shadows were cool.)

"Please let me out!! Don't let David leave the lid on all night and let me suffocate!"

Don't name something unless you want to get attached to it!

I couldn't let David kill him, so I made him let the poor thing go. It was quite the late night adventure!

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Kara said...

creeeeeeepy! creepy! creepy! CREEPY!

We had a bit of a scorpion problem at the beginning of the summer. yeah. with a toddler. yeah. and a small dog. uhuh. and a husband who ocassionally works nights. yep. no bueno. luckily the problem has cleared up...but i am still "on the look out" like a crazy person.