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Life's Ironic Little Twists

Sometimes life just throws things at you to make you laugh. :)

In my last post I told you of my careless sewing mishap where I ran the machine several times through my finger. I then boasted that I was much older and wiser now, so I am much more careful. Which is true....for the most part. I am EXTREMELY careful around my sewing machine, I always make sure the machine is off when I thread it and my foot is always far away from the foot pedal when I need to get close to the needle. I haven't even come close to making that same mistake twice. carelessness got the best of me with my rotary cutter. Yes, last night I was cutting out rectangles for a skirt I'm making, and I stupidly got my finger in the way of the blade. It took me a second to realize what was happening, so I have a very deep cut on the tip of my finger. Ironically, this injury hurt A LOT more than running the sewing machine through my finger. Guess I have some more learning to do!

(Recreation of the incident. I'm in awe of my stupidity.)

And, here is the the skirt that resulted from said injury. (From Altered Cloth) I think it turned out a little too poofy (I think cut out the pieces for a size too big and ended up with way too many ruffles) but I really like the way it turned out. I got the material from a remnants basket at Joanns so I didn't have enough for a knee length skirt, so I had to add the extra black fabric to the top to make it long enough.

I wore it to church today. :) There's something about wearing an article of clothing that you made yourself that is so rewarding! I really want to make more, I have so many patterns for cute skirts but I haven't done any yet. I blame it on my pattern phobia which I hope I will someday overcome! This was was easy, only rectangles!

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Anonymous said...

Ouch! But all good things have sacrifices. Looks adorable.