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4th of July weekend

You know what? Even three day weekends are too short. :( I vote that we have week long weekends yeah? I had an amazing weekend down in Sandy with my family. Here are the highlights!

The traditional 4th of July temporary tattoo! This year we got henna tattos. They say "rabbit" (my Chinese year), "prosperity", and "snake". I like this picture best because none of us were ready.

Truly ginromous, award winning burgers (with hot dogs!)

OneRepiblic concert!! It was awesome! I've only been to one other "real" concert before (I've been to tons of concerts with local bands and lesser known bands, but not "big" bands) so it was really fun.

 Courtney and my Uncle Tracy.

We had lawn seats so I didn't get the best pictures, but it was still a blast!

My and my cousins. We were up in the mountains and it was SOOOO cold once the sun set over the mountains! I'm wearing two sweatshirts and I was still freezing.

Experimenting with the firework setting on my camera.

Cute kitty! He posed for this one, no joke! I was taking lots of pictures of him and he just walked into the corner, sat down, looked at me and held this pose. So cute!

On the way home we stopped for all you can eat sushi with David's sister. Now, here is the picture of the front of the place. No cars, cheap sign, kinda scary looking. We actually decided to go to another place but it ended up being closed, and since we were set on all you can eat sushi, we came back.

When we went inside and it was swanky! It had this gorgeous koi pond with these gigantic fish and waterfalls. Seriously, we were all blown away with how nice it was inside. Lesson learned: Don't judge a book by it's cover!

YUMMY sushi!! Between the four of us we shared like 18 rolls. I basically couldn't move afterwards, but dang I love sushi!

Kim, Chrisie (David's sister) and David. If you look closely, I'm actually in the picture too! We sat behind a mirror, look between Chrisie and David! Teehee.

Next to the sushi place was an arcade called Nickle City. David went to the same kind of arcade when he was a kid, so he really wanted to check it out. He got 100 nickles and we went to town!! Most games only took 1 or 2 nickles, so we were there forever. We raced, shot bad guys, and played games we played when we were kids.

My favorite was Dr. Mario, I LOVE Dr. Mario! I usually play it on my SNES emulator, so it was super hard to play it as an arcade game!

We had a great weekend! What did you do?

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Chris King said...

Great post, great pictures. I love sushi but I've never been to a real sushi restaurant, only bought the cellophane warpped stuff at the supermarket.

About the band OneRepublic, you insinuate that they are famous. I've never heard of them. Who are they? Am I that much of an old fogey?