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More camping adventures!

David and I had tons of fun camping last weekend, so we thought we'd go again one last time before we move! We went with some friends in the ward and we had a blast! I'm not the biggest camper, but it really was fun.
Our friend's truck decided to be fickle and not start when we were about to leave for the trip. This is how late it was when we finally did leave...we were really worried we wouldn't find a camp ground. We went to a few places with no luck, and finally ended up at the Warm River Campground near Targhee National Forest. The sign said the campground was full, but since it was the last place, we decided to ask just in case.

The owners felt so bad for us because we had car troubles and left late and couldn't find anywhere to camp, that they let us camp in their "back yard!" They live in a fabulous 10 person RV about 50 feet away from the banks of the river and they let us set up camp behind there RV! Not only that, they built us a fire in their own personal fire pit and set up chairs for us so we could cook our dinner. We were so grateful that there are still nice people out there. :)

 I got a fire shot this time. :)

This was taken right outside our tent! We were practically in the water! It was a beautiful little shallow river and it really was warm!

We picked this particular area to camp (Targhee National Forest) because we wanted to spend some time outdoors enjoy our time left with Idaho. Here we are overlooking Henry's Fork River while on a hike.

 The men were a little more daring and perched themselves on some rocks! (Eric and David.)

At the end of the hike we came to an old, collapsed train tunnel. There was a very cold breeze coming trough and you could still smell the train. It was totally creepy.

It was SO HOT! Luckily, I found a little faucet that produced some of the coldest water I've ever felt. Claire convinced me to get my hair wet so cool off and I was so glad I did! (Just to give you an idea of how hot it was, when I air dry my hair it can take up to 4 hours for it to get fully dry. I put my hair in a french braid after I got it wet and it was dry within an hour. We had to do it again!)

Freezing cold and happy. :)

After an hour of lunch and games, our final destination was Mesa Falls. David and I went together last summer, but it's hard to not be shocked by the beauty of the Falls, even if you have seen it before. :)


Claire and I kept stopping to take pictures of all the pretty flowers during our hikes. :)

Did I ever mention that David LOVES root beer? I mean, LOVES it? He about freaked when we saw this on the way home. :) He wanted to take it home with us and display it.

After we got home and showered (twice) we hooked up with our friends again to enjoy delicious steak. Man I love steak! We went to the grocery store at 11:45pm (15 minutes before it closed...) to grab some stuff for Sunday (since I don't shop on Sunday). When we left I looked at my watch and noticed it was after midnight and therefore it was 7.18...the day David proposed to me! We scurried on up to where he proposed and reenacted the "Yes, I will marry you!" picture!

7.18.08 The original "Yes! I will marry you!" I was so thrilled that night. :)

7.18.09 One year anniversary of the engagement.

7.18.10 Two years since he proposed! Notice my sunburn, lol.

And still happily married. :) (Even more sunburn on my nose! David has way worse sunburn, but it's all on his arms.)

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. :) This was our last fun this time next week our entire apartment needs to be packed because we're packing up the moving truck Monday and leaving for our four day drive back east early Tuesday! Ahhh!!!

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Anonymous said...

Your camping weekend looks fun and hot! Such cute photos of you guys with your engagement photos! I found your blog on New Friend Fridays! Have a great one!