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I have an epic thrifty find for you today. I LOVE bargains, the less I pay for something, the more excited I get. I almost never buy clothes full price, which is why I love thrift stores and bargain stores. Today's post brings me to a local store called DownEast Outfitters. It's a great little store, it sells it's own line of clothes and also buys slightly damaged clothes from American Eagle, J.Crew and other stores to resell for a discount. I often see items there that I would love to refashion. That was the case today, when I was at the DownEast in the Idaho Falls mall a few weeks ago I saw a great little bag that I wanted to remake but I only got a quick glance and a crappy picture with my camera phone. I finally found the fabric that would work, so I went to the local store today to get a closer look at the bag. While I was there, I browsed through the clearance rack and hit the jackpot!!

I found this gorgeous J.Crew dress for TEN DOLLARS!!!!!!  No joke! I didn't believe it when I saw the price tag. The tag said that the dress was originally $600 but the website said the dress goes for $475. But still...either way that's like 98% off!! The sash is a little dirty and there are two small snags, really, it's not noticeable at all. Buying slightly damaged is the way to save money! And it's so gorgeous, it's 100% silk, ivory, flowy, and has a train! It's called the "goddess gown" and that's def how I felt in it. :) I love it, I've been twirling around in it all day! I don't care that it's a little big in the top and I need to take it in, and I don't care that I have no where to wear a gorgeous evening gown. I have a beautiful new dress that only cost me 10 bucks! I'm super, super psyched. I will def be looking around for more slightly damaged clothes in the future!

In other news, David just found his first gray hair. Literally, as I was writing this post he came to me and showed me. Can you believe it? 25 years old and already has gray hairs. Maybe it's because I buy expensive dresses...oh wait. It was only 10 dollars. :D

See it? It's from his sideburn so it's extra short, but it's still there!!

I told him to make his "I just found my first gray hair face" and this is what he gave me. That crazy kid, most people wouldn't be this excited.

Update: Lol, I just found out that the dress is a wedding dress. Too bad I already got married! 

Wallet-Friendly Wednesday

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Chris King said...

Awesome dress. Doubly awesome price.

Awesome gray hair. I found my first honest-to-goodness gray hair this past year, at age 48. I didn't shave last week and my beard looked like it had a bunch of gray hairs, but I shave before they got long enough to really know.