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Camping and Car Washes

We had a lot of fun camping this weekend. Last summer David was supposed to go camping with a buddy of his, so we bought a ton of camping equipment. A tent, nice sleeping bags, everything. But, at the last minute, his friend got sick and couldn't make it (he was actually going to fly out to see David). Needless to say, David was pretty bummed about it. He's been wanting to go camping ever since! Luckily, our ward had a campout this weekend and we were able to go camping together! First time ever. (Going camping together, not going camping in general. I've done plenty of that.) We went to Beaver Dick Park, no kidding, that's the real name. I had to take a picture, just to prove it.

It's a great little park. I've been there many times to attend the annual "Beaver Dick Bash" but I don't know for the life of me why it has that name. Won't forget it though, will you?

We bought this tent really on sale. It says it's a two man tent, and it's not kidding. We also bought a full sized air mattress (From D.I. only 7 bucks!) and this picture is my attempt to show that the air mattress COMPLETELY took up the tent. It fit in very snugly, with no extra room whatsoever!

We did fun things like brush our teeth with water bottles, use latrines, cook all kind of hot dogs over a fire (my favorites were the pineapple dogs and cheese filled dogs!) and chat with friends. There weren't very many photo this is really the only picture I have. But, you can picture it in your head. Tents, sleeping bags, blazing fires, marshmallows, hot dogs, yeah you got it!

On the way home we decided the car needed a wash. I love this car wash, it's a self car wash and you pay by the minute, so you can get it done fast for cheap. (Which isn't what happened...but it's the idea that counts!) My favorite part of the car wash though is the multicolored foam. LOVE IT! It changes colors while you use it and so your whole car looks like its covered in melted Lucky Charms marshmallows. It's so much fun!

You just can't help but play with this foam!

See? You can see the pink and yellow and blue all mixed in!

This is why it took so long to wash the car. :)

After a not-so-long night of camping, we needed refreshment. We made orange juice with our juicer. I just thought the bowl of naked oranges looked funny. :)


Nick said...

Amie- your blog posts crack me up.

I can't wait until I'm married - LOL!!!

Lydia said...

Worst park name of all time. That paired with the discussion of the oranges' level of modesty made me a little uncomfortable. Haha. Glad you had a fun camping experience.