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I'm not exactly sure what the mood of this post is. I'll start with the negative things because I like to end on a positive note. :)

David and I are moving back to Maryland a week from today. I thought I was excited, I've been dying to leave this place for a while now, but my feelings are starting to change.

Things that suck about Rexburg, Idaho:
  1. Long, COLD winters with snow from late September until June. There is no such thing as spring. It goes from winter to summer.
  2. Too small town, population like 16,000 (but if you take out the BYU-Idaho, that number goes down to less than 3,000)
  3. Too college-y (ok, that has only been a downside since I graduated :P)
  4. Stupid cops that bust you for ridiculous things (like "failing to yield to a pedestrian" when the pedestrian was clearly letting you go. Grrrrr) Included in this is IDIOT pedestrians that walk out in front of you when there is an inch of ice on the ground and still expect you to stop on a dime. Hello pedestrian, you will lose in a fight with a vehicle.
  5. Too much sky, I like trees and buildings in the way of my horizons
  6. It's a desert. This means dry heat (I HATE dry heat, I'd rather melt than fry) and little rain. I love rain and thunderstorms. 
I haven't really come to terms with these things. I grew up on the East Coast! I like humidity, spring, green, cops that chase bad guys, and big cities. There are more things that suck, but this is my main list. But, in the process of packing up my apartment and the move really beginning to hit me, I've realize I'm really going to miss this place! I've lived here and called this place "home" for the better part of the last five years, there are things that I've come to love!

Things that I like about Rexburg:
  1. Everything is cheaper here. Everything! Rent, groceries, fabric, everything. This includes the cheap theater, I loooove the cheap theater. 
  2. Beautiful temple just a few blocks away. I can go whenever I want. 
  3. People I can relate to. There are a lot of young married couples here and it's easy to make friends. I have some great friends out here that I'm really gonna miss.
  4. Weekend trips to Utah, I love those.
  5. Except when I freak out about too much sky, it really is gorgeous out here. Especially the sunsets. 
  6. Everything I need (need, not want) is within 5 minutes of my apartment. 
  7. Pita Pit, Wingers, Craigos, and other delicious restaurants. 
  8. So many memories!! I won't even begin to write a list. 
I feel like these things outweigh the bad for the most part, and it makes me sad! This is the first time I've left a home with no intention of ever going back. When I left Maryland, I always knew I was going back. When I was single, I went home for the summer, and since I've been married I've still visited because that's where my family is! But, that's not the case with Rexburg. There's nothing left for me here, Rexburg was for school, and now that school is over, Rexburg is over. I'm packing up all my stuff and driving it 2,000 miles across the country to my new home. It's so...surreal. So bittersweet. I don't know what to make of it!

Now onto the good news, I have a lot of the apartment packed. :) I was doing it all by myself and it was taking forever so a friend offered to help me. Man oh man, packing is soo much easier with help! I am so grateful to have friends that are willing to help me, it was so wonderful to have help with such an overwhelming task. I left out my sewing machine and a few other crafty things to help keep me sane, but those will be packed up pretty soon.

And now, the biggest news of all DAVID GOT THE INTERNSHIP!!!! Starting in January, he will be interning at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the biggest accounting firm in the world. The world!!!! I almost can't believe it, I'm so proud of him. :) This is such a huge opportunity for him and for us. He's worked so hard and he really deserves a great internship. I'm so happy that when we move back we won't be hoping he'll get an internship, we know he has one. It's so relieving and so exciting. PWC!

Yaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyai. :)


Chris King said...

Congrats on the internship, that's great news, the best.

Great thoughts on Rexburg. When I left Provo, it was 20 years before I returned, and by then my own kid (you) was in college. I was an old fogey, it no longer was my time. But you will have wonderful eternal memories of Rexburg, along with forever friends, and that's what life is about.

Anonymous said...
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Betty Allen said...

I love the way you have changed the focus of how to look at Rexburg. All those negative things are still there but you don't see them as much any more. You've come to focus on the beauty. (Not everyone gets to live in Rexburg, ID for 5 years.) Remember that as we close the door to one adventure in our lives, we open another. Regrets, sadness and depression, only keep us from fully engaging and enjoying ourselves in the new and exciting upcoming time of life. You'll be fine. We've all felt what you're feeling. Just focus on what's coming. (Probably not the living with your in-laws part as much.:/) I know we and your family are so tickled to have you both coming home. You have a bright future ahead!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move! I always have a hard time when moving because you grow to love a place even if at first you may not have loved it. I'm having the moving debate at the moment and it is hard! Good luck and congrats on all the new job opportunities!