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Maryland Zoo

Another adventure for you! Getting sick of these yet? I hope not, I have a few more to squeeze in in the next several days! Gotta make summer last as long as it can. School starts on Monday! (Not for me though...)

I'd never been to this zoo before. I've been to the National Zoo in DC a dozen times, but never this one in Baltimore (frankly, I didn't even know it existed until last week!). It was kind of "lame" compared to other zoos I've been to (San Diego, Wild Animal Park, National Zoo) but I love the zoo, so I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I'll try to only post my favorite pictures, but I do have a few favorites.

(Ever seen that Spogebob episode where Squidward gives Spongebob a pie that's a bomb and Squidward and Mr. Krabs think Spongebob is going to die so Squidward spends the whole day doing Spongebob's fun list? Know how when Spongebob gives Squidward the list of fun things he says "The things that are extra fun, I've written in red." Then Squidward says "Everything's in red." And then Spongebob says "Yeah I know!!" And wiggles his eyebrows? Yeah, that's what I feel like with this post. All my pictures are "red.")

Moving on!! We learned (and relearned) many things during our trip to the zoo.

We learned that David is about as tall as a thoroughbred horse.

We learned that Elisa loves donkeys.

We learned that you should make funny faces in pictures, because if you don't, you'll feel like the idiot, not the funny face makers.

We learned what "nesting" really is. (And that peanut butter ice cream bars are rather delicious.)

We relearned that Amie LOVES polar bears (they are her second favorite animal!)

We learned that despite starting to run and work out again, Amie has not lost any weight.

We learned that polar bears at the zoo eat popscicles!

We learned that said popscicles are apple-pear-fish-carrot flavored and that zoo workers get excited when the stripes come out all pretty.

We learned that polar bears have strange bluish-purplish tongues! (Cute huh???)

We learned that monkeys like to cuddle.

We relearned that Amie really likes frogs (especially yellow ones!)

We relearned that giraffes are really, really tall. (David's sister is 5'3'' just like me.)

We learned that baby elephants are adorable.

We learned that there are bouncers even in the animal worlds (I laughed at this one for a while.)

We learned that cheetahs are really, really fast even when they're walking! (This was the only un-blurry picture I got.)

And finally, we learned that fences really screw up would-be cool action shots.

More adventures on the horizon! I'm even working on a cool craft that I should be done with soon!


Heidi and Christian said...

I love that I've actually seen the Spongebob episode you referenced.

Kara said...

Hahahhaha...I am still laughing at your Spongebob reference LOL!

Great pictures. The zoo is one of my most fave places to go. Great pictures...thanks for sharing :)


Sandra said...

We just went to the Baltimore Zoo too! We really enjoyed it. My boys loved the camel ride & getting to feed the giraffes. Great pictures--looks like everyone had fun.