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We made it!!

*Warning* The last two weeks have been such a blur, so this post is going to have a ridiculous amount of pictures to explain everything. Also, I'm currently enjoying a Clay Aiken concert on Weta, so I'm a little swoon-y. :) (Ok, A LOT swoon-y.)

Well, after four and a half days of driving and just as long unpacking, we've made it to our new home in Maryland! More or less, this is the route we took (Huzzah for Paint! :) stopping on all the red dots.

The trip was excruciatingly long (I hate long car rides, we were in one fifth of all of the states!) and I am sooo happy it's over. It's not something I would like to repeat any time in the near future. I really like being home though. Well, not home, I'm not living in the house I grew up in, but it's home enough. :) But before I get ahead of myself, I do believe I owe the blogging world a little memoir about my cross country move!

First things first, David graduated! I'm so happy for him. :) Now we both have college degrees and are ready to occupy those minimum wage retail jobs!! (Sometimes I hate the real world.)

Before the ceremony, we went to Frontier Pies (which I used to work at, the summer we got engaged) for David's graduation linner. (It was too late for lunch but too early for dinner...). They have amazing pies!! We ordered a cherry cheesecake pie and we had to get the entire pie it was so good.

 The commencement ceremony. See David? I put a star around him for you.

Got to sneak down and take a picture. :) Isn't he so handsome??

Right before he was walking across the stage during convocation, I ran up to get a picture and literally got pushed over as I was taking the shot! I understand that there are other people that need pictures of their graduates, but really? Pushing people over and making them almost miss theirs? Rude. I'm grateful I got this one though.

In front of his second home. (I didn't know there was such a thing as a "bachelors degree widow," but there is.) It was a great ceremony and I am so proud of him for putting the effort into getting a college degree. :)

 One of my favorite things is Farmer's Markets, and my favorite on is in Idaho Falls!

Have you ever seen Nacho Libre? It's so stupid, but I love it! They have the same corn! ("Get that corn outta my face!" :D) It's so delicious. (And the reason my arm is all bent and funny is because there's a ladybug on my wrist.)

 Last trip the the mall (where I get Cry Babies, my favorite sour candy.)

Last trip to the diner. (Remember from this post?)

Last trip to Rexburg's best restaurant, Craigos.

I loooove the pizzaria style booths, and the delicious food doesn't hurt either. :)

Last Taco Tuesday. (Don't know what Taco Tuesday is? Read this post.) We were so busy packing we couldn't even be in...

...our booth! Funny story: We were in the drive through and I saw inside that no one was in our booth, so I ran out of the car, went inside, snapped a picture of our booth (for postery's sake of course) and ran back to the car before I food came out. Win. We sat in this booth almost every single Taco Tuesday. So many memories.

We also did a few fun things in the process of packing. Without any breaks, it was sure thing that we would go insane.

Our vacuum was a serious piece of crap, and when it finally died for real while we were cleaning, we decided to throw it off our third story balcony.

The results were seriously lacking. :(

While we were cleaning out the freezer, we noticed we still had three sandwich bags full of huckleberries! We didn't want them to go to waste (they're super expensive to buy and no where to be found back east) so what do we do? Make jam of course. Have I ever made jam? No. Did I even know how to make jam? No. Did we have the supplies for making jam? No. Were we leaving town in 16 hours? Yes. It was a little ambitious, I'm surprised I even took on the task. I read up the little insert in the canner we got and went to work! It was crazy, fast-paced, really hot, but a lot of fun.

And they actually turned out ok! What are the odds of that? I honestly can't believe my luck.

Tuesday morning rolled around and it was time to say goodbye to Rexburg for good.

We originally ordered a 16 foot truck and dolly for the car, but because so many people were moving that week, we got upgraded to a 24 foot truck and a platform for the car for free! Can you say huge? Um, yeah. And the lucky car got a free ride across the country!

See all that trash? Most of it is ours, no joking!

This is the only scenery picture I'll bore you with, I took a lot. This is in Wyoming, going down the mountains. It was so gorgeous, I almost couldn't contain myself.

We passed a few funny things, like "Hoback Market..."

...and "Pine Cone Restaurant." Lol! There were so many more that I missed pictures of, and some seriously funny city names.

In Omaha, Nebraska, we went to a burger joint called Brewburgers, which was on the show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. (Just like the diner mentioned previously.)

In all honestly, pretty much the best burgers I've ever had in my life. The one David got (which had a dinner plate sized blob of melted, crispy cheese on it) was featured on the show.

I got the bison burger, made from real bison! It was so good I can't even describe. Better than a party in your mouth, like an epic New Year's eve party in your mouth. And those fries?  Italian fries, complete with crumbled cheese, bacon, and chives, with delicious alfredo sauce for dipping. Absolutely amazing, whoever thought up of that is my new best friend.  If you're ever in Omaha, seriously hit up this place.

Ok, I lied about the scenery. do you know how much corn is corn in the US? There were miles and miles and MILES of corn that we passed. Oh my goodness gracious.

Our final stay before we got to MD was my grandparent's house in Pennsylvania. This is the Monongahela River (can you pronounce that? :)

Me and my Mugga and Pappap in front of their "lush garden" (Nacho Libre that I've mentioned it twice in one post you need to see it if you haven't.) I was so happy to be able to stay with them, since I went away for college, I haven't visited their house in a long time. Better than any bed and breakfast you'd find!

And there you have it, one ridiculously long post for one ridiculously long journey. I hope you enjoyed it. :) I might even post pictures of our new abode if we ever finish unpacking. :)


Lydia said...

Save me a piece of that corn! I'm talkin' to you!

Naomi said...

I just found your blog and this post made me think with nostalgia about our own trip across the country from Provo all the way to Ann Arbor, Michigan a few years ago. Best of luck to both of you and thanks for the awesome crafts that you post!