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Summer Vacation

Yesterday I went with my family on a "summer vacation." My dad didn't get to go on a real vacation so we decided to squeeze as much fun as we possibly could in one day! And let me tell you, it was one of the funnest I've ever had!

We started out hiking at Cunningham Falls, which just happens to be one of the longest cascading waterfalls! (Meaning, it doesn't drop straight down, it just kinda runs down rocks for a very long time.)

It was really pretty. I'm not too much of an outdoorsy person but I really like being outside and enjoying scenery all of God's creations.

We discovered that my sister Allie is incapable of "waterfalling" aka pouring water into your mouth from a water bottle without touching your lips. It was really amusing to watch her try though. :)

But it's ok, I still love her.

I just like this picture, this is my dad demonstrating how to do yoga. :)

He then found a millipede and stuck it on his face. What a brave man! I got creeped out just watching it move.
This is Brandon's action shot. I like how he's holding a giant walking stick while he's jumping, what if he fell and landed on it???

Brandon, Allie, David, and me.

 I always find it's a lot easier to go up than down (unless it's a rock wall and you can just glide back down.) Apparently Allie feels the same way. :)

I saw a few cool things on the trail, and I used those opportunities to try and improve my photography. I know practice makes perfect, and even though these are far from perfect, I'm still trying!

(This little an was carrying that much bigger green bug! It was fascinating to watch.)

 After the hike we went to an awesome candy store in Thurmont, MD. I remember going there a few times as a child and trust me, I was just as excited then as I was this time. :)

My favorite part of summer is the fresh produce. Man oh man do I love juicy peaches, crisp corn, and red ripe tomatoes. MMMMMMMMMMMM.

Now remember, this was an entire summer vacation in one day, so we did a ton of things! As we headed back home we went laser tagging at Shadowland. Typically we go on New Years Day, but c'mon, laser tagging is so much fun and should definitely be included in a jam-packed, fun-filled day! Unfortunately, laser tagging isn't exactly an activity that you can take pictures of. So I'll move on to....

Cici's! Where the have macaroni and cheese pizza!!!! Did you know that macaroni and cheese is my favorite food? Did you know that pizza is also pretty high up on my favorites list? Did you know that the two of them together is AMAZING? Well, it is. 

We ate a lot of pizza, but Brandon beat us all with 20 slices. Oh to be a 16 year old boy with a high metabolism.

 After all that fun we needed something relaxing, so we headed to the pool. Too bad it was anything but relaxing. For me, it was honestly the most fun I can ever remember at a pool. My siblings are just a lot of fun. But poor David...

He dove a little too enthusiastically and scraped open practically off of his fingers on the bottom of the pool. I'm really glad he didn't smash open his head, but still. I won't show you a picture of the actual scraps, it's pretty cringe-worthy. 

I got to see my Jellybean!! :) I love my kitty, she's pretty much my favorite. I had such a great day with my family, I should go on summer vacations more often!! (Yeah...dream on huh?)


Chris King said...

Awesome post. Love the pix. Wish I were there. Hey, wait, I WAS there! Woo Hoo. A great day.

Nick said...

The candy store in Thurmont is AMAZING !!!!!!!!!