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Felt is my current favorite sewing medium. Why? Story time!

My sewing machine is giving me some problems and I got frustrated and gave up trying to fix it. I think it just needs a new needle and some grease but I'm too lazy to do it. :D Ok, so that wasn't really a story. Sorry. :(

So, going back to felt...I still wanted to sew, but I knew that my projects couldn't be huge and complicated since I would be hand sewing. I've seen some cute felt fruit on the interwebs and thought it would be a fun project. Boy, did I underestimate that one!! I'm already addicted, this is SO FUN!!!! And to amuse myself I'm making it "happy fruit." But, sadly I have a very limited amount of felt. I will be headed to the craft store immediately after my Wii Fit tomorrow morning to get more! If you haven't tried it, try it now. It's a blast, you'll never want to stop!!

Pictures to come. :)

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