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I blinked and it was over

My trip to Utah was over entirely too fast! It was a really bittersweet experience, it was such a blast, but I felt like we were spread a little too thin. Plus, I was sick the entire weekend, but that couldn't stop me only slowed me down a little bit.

We left after work on Friday and arrived at my uncle's a lot later than we planned (but very comfortably thanks to the lumbar support pillow and the neck pillow I made for myself! :). From there, the whirlwind began! We spent the next morning with a huge chunk of my dad's side of the family and had a blast! I saw so many relatives that I haven't been able to see in ages. The morning changed to afternoon so fast I didn't even have a chance to break out my camera. (That ever happen to you? It's awful!) We were lucky enough to be able to sneak in a visit (AT CHIPOTLE!) with David's sister, Chrisie, before heading off to my cousin, Courtney's, final high school performance.

She (who is in the blue) was part of Shakespeare's Love's Labor's Lost. It was an interesting rendition of it, there were a lot of very talented girls that tried out, so the director switched the roles of the men and women! The girls played the men's roles, and the boys played all the women's roles! I loved it, I thought it was a great little twist.

And can you say "queen of the stage?" Wow! I was so sad this was the only performance of hers I've ever seen, she was amazing. 

Sunday morning was the only part of the weekend that I was able to breathe (not that I minded holding my breath all weekend!). In the afternoon we went to church and enjoyed the beautiful weather by firing up the grill and taking a walk. Ok, *I* didn't fire up the grill, but I did work on a quilt for the first time!

That's my cousin, Kylie, and my grandma (who I dubbed "Mugga" when I was two, oh the joys of a two year old's vocabulary! And since I was the first grandchild it stuck. :) When I got there the quilt was basically done, all the blocks were sewn together but the the quilt itself was only basted together, so I got to sew it! Huzzah!

On our walk, we decided to take the cat, Lincoln (more formally known as Linc!), on the walk too! Teehee. :)

Courtney and Kylie with Lincers!!

He had to be held most of the time, the outside kinda freaked him out! He would dart straight for the grass and walk really low to the ground, it was pretty funny!

Isn't he handsome?? I'm such a lucky girl! At one point during the walk Linc freaked out and got himself tangled in his harness. David took the end of the harness while the girls untangled him. From behind it looked like this....

I thought it was hilarious! Who exactly were we taking on a walk?? :)

All in all I had a great weekend, though I need a couple days to recover. :) How was your weekend? Also, I enabled comments for all visitors, so even if you don't have a blog, you can comment on any post you'd like.

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