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LOST finale party!

I was going to post about this immediately after the finale ended, because I was so excited about it, but on account of me throwing up all that night and being "couch-ridden" since then, I haven't felt up to writing a big blog post. (I never realized that blogging actually took so much energy!!)

As you already know (or can probably tell) I'm a big Lostie. The funny thing is, I didn't actually start watching it when it first came out, didn't really watch too much TV in high school. In college, I had a roommate, Shaunna, that watched it and somehow convinced me to watch it whenever I went to visit her (oh, when I visited her after we were roommates. :D) She lent her DVDs to David and I, and we slowly got hooked. We finally caught up with all the episodes right after the fifth season ended, so this latest season was actually the only one we watched on TV! Which I think was good, I hated having to wait an entire week to see what was happening next!!

Hmm, I didn't mean to have an extra story in there. Oh well! I decided to throw a party for the finale! (It was actually my dad's idea...he's the smart one). I had a blast setting it up and making all the food, it really got me excited for the finale! We only had one guest, one of my best friends Sabrina!

It was great to catch up with her and talk about Lost. Most of my Lostie friends aren't around here.

Some of my Lost decor. I changed my little letter blocks and added a few "islandy" touches.

Hence the palm tree. 

And I even covered my boring wall art (ok, it's not really boring) with Dharma-inspired art! It was fun. )

The menu was even more fun to create! All the food was either eaten on Lost or inspired by Lost themes!

This island cake. I used dark and light cake mixes and swirled them together to represent the good and evil the island contains. I then put the two cakes together to turn it into...

The island cake! I'm no cake decorator,  But I had fun trying. Used green icing and dyed coconut green to make it look more like the jungle. The brown sugar outside is supposed to be the sand. And I made a marshmallow polar bear (though it kind of died a little bit). I had fun!

The rest of the menu: Dharma juice (I could only find red wine Dharma labels...), the Swedish fish to represent all the fish they had to eat, peanut butter because Claire loves pb, grilled cheese because that's what Juliet gave Jack in the cage, and Hot pockets because Hurley threw a Hot Pocket at Ben. :D

Fried chicken for Mr. Cluck's Chicken, fruit salad because of all the fruit they ate, pork hot dogs for the boars, and Goldfish for the fish cakes Kate and Sawyer got in the cages.

All of it pulled together. Though too crowded and slightly messy, I liked it! And I liked the finale. It was crazy and kept me on my toes the entire time. My throwing up kind of put a damper on everything but I'm coming to terms with the ending. Since it was only on Sunday and there are likely people who haven't watched yet so I won't put any spoilers in the blog post. What did you think of the finale?

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