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As  I have mentioned in an older post, I have a pattern phobia. I don't know, they're just really scary! There are so many elements of them that I don't understand, so much room for error from misreading, they're expensive,  plus they use SO MUCH FABRIC. Seriously? I need almost three yards of fabric to make a grocery bag? My goodness gracious. My gracious mother sent me so many awesome patterns for my birthday last month (and even fabric to go with them!) but I've only used two of them so far, and both of them were things  I already knew how to make without patterns. It was good practice, and both of them turned out nicely! Yet, I'm still scared. Here's what I've made: I didn't use the pattern for the pockets on the apron. It's obvious. It looks really weird. But, he likes his apron! And he looks mighty cute in it, I must add.

I also made me some pajama pants. I don't know why the legs look like different lengths in the picture...but I assure you they are even! This was my first pattern attempt, and I didn't get the part where if the intended wearer is petite, you  need to fold to shorten the pattern. Notice on my 5'3'' frame the waistband is up to my waist. :D Oops!

I guess I need to get over it, because I'm planning on making the hubs a nice robe for his birthday next month that I already bought 5 yards of fabric for! Oops...I guess I shouldn't have posted it on the blog. Oh wait, he doesn't read it so I'm good! What about you? Anyone else have pattern phobias or am I the only one?

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Heather said...

I'm just starting to sew really but I have been trying to stick to the non-directional fabric prints so that I can get the most out of the yardage and not worry about how things match up. Maybe you could try that at first.