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The Makeup Birthday Weekend

Since David pretty much got shafted last weekend for his birthday, we made up for it this weekend! The nearest "big city" is Idaho Falls, about a half hour away from our tiny Rexburg, so we usually spend our fun days in Idaho Falls. We had a blast!

Secret about me: I'm a sucker for cute old men. In Barnes and Nobel we met Alan E. Gray at his book signing. He was one of the cutest and nicest old men I've ever met! We chatted for a while and it was really fun. I just love the stories that they tell.

David has been wanting a juicer forever, and he decided that's what he wanted to spend his money on. We shopped around a lot, and noticed this fail on one of the boxes. No thanks, I don't want any "beat" juice, but I'd be ok with some beet juice! You'd think that a big company would notice a spelling error like this! Don't they have editors? We laughed.

 We eventually decided on a juicer we liked, and we've used it three times already. We made apple juice, cantaloupe/mango/mint juice, but my favorite had been the lemonade. We bought four pounds (yes, pounds) of lemons and peeled (it was so strange to peel a lemon...) them and threw them in. It yielded a ton of lemon juice to make a ton of lemonade! We learned that lemonade is a very exact science, we tried out recipes combined with trial and error and spent like 45 minutes trying to make the perfect lemonade. During the process I tested the lemon juice to see how potent it was. Now, I am very much a sour person, my ideal sour candy will burn the taste buds off my tongue with just a few candies, so I thought I could handle tasting it more than anyone else. I was wrong, it was SOUR!! I can't even remember the last time I puckered because something was sour, but this lemon juice made me do it! It was fun, and I don't think I'll ever go back to fake lemonade again!

If you read my blog regularly and/or and have known me for a while, you know that my word of choice to convey excitement is "huzzah." Not many people use it, so I was pretty excited to see this!

Ever seen the show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives? This diner, Dixie's Diner, was featured on it! We wanted to visit this "famous" diner as part of our adventure.

 It was too cute! It had a working jukebox and everything! And the food was delicious!!!

We tried to order more "authentic" diner food. I got a chili, cheese, kraut dog and David got a delicious sammie (sandwich, that is). I can def see why this diner was on the show, such good food!!

Idaho is big on huckleberries, so we got a huckleberry milkshake. It even had real berries in the mix! If you've never had a huckleberry before try and find them. They're delicious, like a cross between a blueberry and a blackberry.

I think he enjoyed his makeup birthday weekend. :)

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Betty said...

Hi Amie,

I just beamed from ear to ear when David told me how you guys stopped to converse with the little old man (author) at Barnes and Nobles. I'm sure you made his day by taking the time to check out his book, listen to his stories, buy his book, ask for his autograph and have your picture taken with him. Bless you for being so thoughtful and considerate and most of all for following the Spirit in showing love to one of Heavenly Father's children. Keep being an example to all of us.

Love you,