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I painted today!

It's true!! :D The seafood festival really go to me! It is the most gorgeous day today and I knew I had to be outside doing SOMETHING. I looked through my inspiration notebook to see what I've sketched in there and tried to figured out which one I could actually do outside (I'll give you a hint, sewing and working with tiny beads didn't make the cut.) Then a thought struck me. Painting. I haven't painted in months and months, mostly because I'm too scared, I don't wanna screw up. After a little arguing with myself I sucked it up, grabbed my paints, easel, and a new canvas and set up camp outside. After two hours of dabbling, this is the final product.

It's going to go in my kitchen. :) Why do you ask? Ha, if you ask you are obviously not from Maryland. Because Maryland blue crabs are the most delicious things to eat!

"But...your crab isn't blue." That's because it's already cooked and ready for me to eat!

Cooked blue crabs. (source)

Live blue crab! (source)

It's been so long since I've painted that it was hard to remember everything I've learned.

But for not painting in forever, I think it turned out really well. I can't wait for it to dry fully so I can frame it and stick it in the kitchen!

Happy hump day!

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Anonymous said...

That is a fabulous painting!! I'm horrible at drawing!