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You know what I like? Avatar. Not the one with the blue people, the Nickelodeon cartoon. American anime! Yeah, it's a great little show. David and I have been watching it together on Netflix and we've been plowing right through it, we're already done with book two!

I feel like such a dork. My favorite character (I think) is Appa, the giant flying bison. He is so cute. I want to make Appa related crafts, and other Avatar related crafts! I feel like I'm in 7th grade again, when I was utterly obsessed with Sailor Moon.

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Lydia said...

Haha! I was totally into Sailor Moon when I was in 7th grade, too!

When the Avatar movie was first advertised I seriously thought it was going to be a movie version of the show. I still have never seen the show, but I'm glad it has nothing to do withe the movie.