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Maryland Seafood Festival

I can't believe it's been 9 years...9 years ago I was a wimpy freshman in high school sitting in 3rd period U.S. history when I heard the news. It was a crazy day, with ironically gorgeous weather. I was freaking out all day, but ended the day with a calming trip to the temple. I hope you took a minute to remember today too.

Thanks to Groupon, David and I (and his sister and a friend) got to go to the Maryland Seafood Festival! So. Much. Fun! There were crafts, children's books, live music, the Chesapeake Bay, and of course, seafood!! I'm a huge seafood lover, remember my giant lobster? Yeah, love me some seafood! It was like my happy place on a beach.

We saw so many cool things, this is what happens to a bottle when you put it in a kiln!

Isn't this sand castle amazing?

Since it was Maryland, obviously there were tons of crab-themed things! Oh if only I was a millionaire, I could have a crab themed room and be happy forever.

My birthday's in April! I want these!!

Even just one of these would be good. :) There were so many amazing crab things, I wish I could have taken pictures of everything!

Can you tell that I love crabs? I thought I was going to end the summer without getting to eat some delicious blue crabs but I didn't. :) Thank you Boy Scouts, for having a steamed crab booth!

This was Elisa's first crab, and she did such a good job! I was very impressed with her crab eating skills.

You don't even know how happy it made me to be able to eat a few crabs. I mean, I was giddy, giggling like a little girl! I love, love, love love, LOVE eating crabs.

David prefers to play with them....

I get right in! (I don't know what David was thinking, maybe smashing crab claws is funny?)

He wasn't brave enough to dig into a whole crab (*cough* *cough* WIMP!!!) But he was brave enough to smash away at a claw. Teehee.

Oh! I also played a game where I got to pick up oyster shells with a rake and fill a basket. It was so fun, and I even won a prize!

We finished off the festival by going to the Bay!

We saw a lot of baygulls! (Like seagulls...but we were at the bay? Get it?? Baygulls...bagels...ok not funny.)

Played with jellyfish and spent way too long looking for rocks a seashells. :) I have a plan for my rocks and shells and I can't wait to try it out!

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