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A true success

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I went down to my parents' house yesterday to spend one final day at the pool with my sister (and I'm happy to report that we both got a little color. :) Before I left my mom asked me to give my dad a haircut. I laughed, until I realized she was serious. Gulp! I've only ever cut my husband's hair before (and even then, the first time it took me an hour of "prepping" myself to cut it!). I was pretty nervous, but agreed to do it because I didn't want my mom to hurt her back doing it.


During (apparently he didn't have faith in me either!)


Epic win! My mom freaked out a little because it was so short, but it's how short he wanted it, so it works! This is a true success!

Pssssst! It's also his birthday today, happy birthday dad!


Chris King said...

Epic and Awesome! Thanks for the haircut.

Brielle & Jeffrey Kennington said...

I love his face while you are cutting it! I think you did a great job