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Lost Sock Basket

Thank you to everyone that has voted in my poll and given me feedback about whether or not to switch over my blog. The results have been SO close the entire time, it's making it very hard to make a decision! (PS, I would still love to hear any input you have.) However, I believe I've devised a compromise that will suit both needs, but we'll wait until later for that.

Since the vote is still undecided, I have a craft. :P This one was made especially for Crystal's Craft Spot's weekly challenge. This week, it's laundry room! I didn't have to think about this one at all, I knew precisely what I was going to do for this challenge. Since we live with David's parents, I don't exactly have my own laundry  room. So, I wanted to make something that would be laundry related, but can still be used elsewhere in the house.

And thus we have, the lost sock basket. The idea is actually my MIL's, the first day I did laundry here I noticed a little wire basket that was stuffed full of the family's lonely socks and I thought, "Wow, that's brilliant, I need one of those!" So I've had the project in my head for a few weeks, I just needed the motivation to actually do it (thanks Crystal!). Oh, and did you notice my gorgeous dresser?

I love my dresser. I mean loooooove it! And the best part? I got it for FREE. The second best part? It was this gorgeous when I got it. Swoon!!

I was originally going to use this ugly basket to put the socks in, which is why I needed a cute label to fix it! But luckly, Joann came to the rescue with a $1.97 clearance basket. Ahh, how I love a good deal.

I'm pretty happy with the results. All I did was cut out a rectangle of cream felt and a smaller rectangle of burlap and sewed them together. Then I sewed the words "lost socks" onto it and I was done! (It's hard to see, but the "O" in "socks" is actually shaped like a sock. Teehee!)

And it's already in use. I love practical crafts!!

I've mentioned before that David has two cats. Anyone out there that has a cat knows that kittys looove to get into the things you're working on.

I come back to the table and Aeris is gnawing on my basket...

...and playing with my disappearing ink pen. I couldn't help it...

I had to play with her. :)


Kara said...

so cute!! Love the burlap :)


Crystal said...

This is so so cute! I really need one of these. I love the sock shaped O.

Aimi Honey said...

so cute!i really have to do it as my new project!(^.^)love it!