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Am I allowed to think something I made is cute?

Because I kind of do. For some reason I've been in a "mine" stage. I don't know what else to call it, I've been wanting to design things, and only make things that I designed. Most of my craftyness is a combination of something that I thought up and things that I saw online that I liked. But lately, it's only been "my" things. So, this is what I've come up with.

This is my "alium." Really simple, I just traced circular things I had in the house. I'm experimenting with anti-pill fleece (left) and regular fleece (right.) I actually think that the anti-pill looks more "old" and worn out. But sadly, I have almost a yard of it to use. I'll be using some of it on another version of...

This! I call him Steggy. Stegosauruses are my favorite dinosaur. Obviously this one was a little more complex so there are still kinks to work out with my pattern (notice the awkward tail...the spikes got stuck in the tail and now it's all weird!) But i think it's cute. I'll try it with the fleece next, for this one I just used scraps of cotton since I knew I would have to alter some things.

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