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Surprise Visit!

I am having surprise visitors this weekend! My cousin and my uncle decided it would be fun to come up and visit and I am SO excited!! I never get visitors, who wants to visit Rexburg, Idaho? Either way, there will be a blogging break this weekend, but I'm sure I will have plenty to update on Monday. :)

I will leave you with a cute. I spent the day yesterday going around to all the lemonade stands around town. This was my favorite buy, a kitty shaped lollipop! Best 50 cents I ever spent. :)


Betty said...

Cute, cute. I have a few molds for making shaped suckers like that. When you come here I'll let you check it out in case you want to make some. I used to make Teddy Bears for Christmas wrapped with a big red bow and give them to my kids classmates. It was fun.

Carolyn said...
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Betty said...

Have a blast with your family!!!

Tami said...

Visiting from Women Who do it all, Follow Friends Sunday...I am now a follower!

Have a great week with your family!

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

What a cute blog! You are so cute and i love the skirt and earrings! WOW the skirt looks hard to make! WOW
Happy Sunday follow!
Following your cute blog, come say hi and follow me back!

Rockie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving some comment love. Great blog!

- Something Wonderful