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Great Weekened!

I had such a great weekend with my family! Spontaneous trips are always the most fun. :) Here's a look at what we did.
We went black light mini golfing (and somehow managed to line up all of our golf balls in a row!)

And we went to the arcade (and only got enough tickets to get candy prizes). David cheated at this boat racing game, he landed on top of me on purpose!

My favorite part of the trip was BEAR WORLD!! Bear World is a branch of West Yellowstone, a small(ish) park with animals that you drive through. Like a drive through zoo! It's a blast!!!

I loved how the baby bear was "chillin" while we took pictures of him. SO CUTE!!! This little guy was born in January and already knows how to work the camera.

The bear fries climbing Ice Cream Mountain.

Seriously, I love Bear World. It was so many fun things to do! We were there all morning and most of the afternoon!

They also had a free petting zoo! (You can't see it now, but I actually got sunburned! For future reference, even if it is kind of chilly, you can still get sunburned.)

And surprisingly fun rides.

We also went back around the park on a special tour where we got to feed the big bears! They would sit down and try to catch the food in their mouths. This one is in the middle of waving. :)

It really was a fun weekend. We took a walk from my apartment up the hill to the Rexburg temple. I thought the lighting was great for some up close pictures.

I love this temple. It sits right on top of the hill and you can see it from miles and miles away. :) (It was too bright for David to open his eyes.)

To top off the weekend we went bowling. (Apparently we like to do things that involve black lights. :D) I actually sort of won the second game! We had an hour of playing time but our second game got cut short. I was in the lead at that time, so I declare myself the winner. :D

What did you do this weekend? Anything fun? I also did some fun crafting, but I'll save that for later this week. :) But just to give you a sneak peak...

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