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Sorry Folks

I've been sick all week. Again. On Sundays the hubs and I work in Nursery (for my non-LDS readers, Nursery is basically a free babysitting service for children 18 months to three years during church hours) and this is the second time I've gotten sick after working. We tell the parents not to bring their children in if they are sick or experiencing certain symptoms because there are 15 very young children is a small room for a few hours and it's very easy to spread germs...but they still bring them in. I can understand wanting to be free of your young child for a few hours without having to pay but it's not fair to us Nursery workers or the other kids to be exposed to sicknesses like this. Sigh. So, that's why I've been boring, I have no energy to do anything. Can't wait till I'm over this. Sorry to complain, hope everyone else is having a good weekend! :)

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