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He's home! :)

Even though he missed his flight, the hubs made it home Saturday evening. I was really bummed, I had the entire day planned out (breakfast in bed, fishing, presents, Idaho Falls adventures, dinner, movie) but since he got home much later, we only had time for dinner.

He loves Red Robin and before I was married, Red Robin was always the choice for birthday dinners. Throw in the gift card from his mom, and it was a perfect dinner!

I don't know how many of you know this, but mac and cheese is my favorite food. Has been since I was two. I LOVE mac and cheese. I usually don't order it in restaurant, since I can make it myself very easily, but this one sounded too good to pass up. I was so right, this mac and cheese was sooo delicious!!

 For dessert, we had the banana ice cream I made! To jazz it up, I also added chocolate chips. Without an ice cream maker it turned out a little bit ice crystal-y, but overall I think it was a success!!

 (Pre frozen, but still delicious!!)

 And I finished David's robe! The duckies really were for my own amusement...but I think he likes it, he's actually used it! It was def the longest project I've taken on, but it wasn't the hardest! I might even make another one! (Isn't he so cute with his messed up, wet hair??)

We saw this shirt while we were out and I want to recreate it, I think it's sooo cute. (Wasn't on sale, so I didn't buy it).

Even though it was short, I think he had a good day. :) Until next time!


♥ Roberta ♥ said...

Hey yay I bet you are happy your hubby is back! Enjoy it! 4 days until I see mine, can't wait!!

Nick said...

hahahaha your husband is great - and I love red robin.

Let's go there when you both are in town!!

i should probably try to find a date to come with....LOL